Trask Industries

Trask Industries is a private military organization that runs a program to create Hounds, mutant soldiers that hunt other mutants down. Although the organization supposedly disbanded in 2006, they resurfaced in modern times to work with Sentinel Services in an attempt to bring the Mutant Underground down. It is currently run by Roderick Campbell who is trying to develop new ways of weaponizing mutant abilities. His research led to the creation of the Sentinel robots.


After decrypting the hard drives Eclipse stole from Sentinel Services, Sage discovered that Trask Industries was responsible for the program turning mutants against each other. Upon learning this, Reed Strucker revealed that his father used to work at Trask Industries for thirty-five years [1].

After capturing and studying Lauren and Andy Strucker, Roderick Campbell was able to develop a device that merged the bloodstreams of two mutants enabling them to combine their two powers together and create a powerful force to use against mutants on the field.

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  1. Season 1, Episode 7: eXtreme measures

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