Trader (birth name Harry) is a character on The Gifted. He is a mutant that is a part of the Mutant Underground.

Early Life Edit

Sometime before the events of the series, Polaris saved the lives of Trader's parents.

Season 1Edit

In eXit Strategy, Trader volunteered to be on a mission to rescue Polaris and Reed from from Sentinel Services captivity. During the mission to attack a convoy that was carrying the prisoners to a new prison, Trader decided to use his illusion ability to cloak himself and scout out the convoy.

As soon as he got close, Pulse used his ability to disrupt all mutants powers. Trader's ability started to glitch. He became visible and a soldier spotted and shot him.

Trader becoming visible

After Thunderbird was able to disable Pulse, the mutants got their powers back, Blink opened a portal and Dreamer carried the wounded Trader back to safety through it. 

In boXed In, a wounded Trader was brought back to the Mutant Underground HeadquartersCaitlin went to treat Trader’s gunshot wound and Andy donated some of his O-negative blood for him. Caitlin performed surgery on Trader to remove the bullet from his body but in the process she nicked an artery. Lauren created an air bubble to stop the nicked artery from bleeding and Caitlin was able to stitch the artery.

Personality Edit

Trader is a cooperative member of the Mutant Underground as he was one of the few to volunteer to help rescue Polaris and Reed. His willingness to help is also shown during their ambush at Sentinel Services when he volunteered to scout for openings evn if at the risk of his own well-being. He is also accepting towards the Struckers even though two of them are humans.

Physical Appearance Edit

Trader is a tall, physically imposing African-American male standing around 6'0". He has brown eyes and brown hair.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Cloaking: Trader can cloud the retinal input of anyone who looks at him, rendering himself virtually invisible. However, it can only effect the naked eye and won't work on cameras.

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  • Trader's appearance in The Gifted marks his live-action debut.

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