I found you. Trust me, I can find him
— Thunderbird

Thunderbird (birth name John Proudstar) is a main character on The Gifted. He is a Mutant with super strength, invulnerability, foresight, and heightened senses.

He comes from an Apache and military background. He is also the leader of the underground network. Thunderbird is often seeking out mutants who are on the run from the Sentinel Services, in search of refuge.[1]

Character Description Edit

"The strong-headed Native American leader of the underground network."[2]

Early Life Edit

Season 1Edit


Thunderbird tracks Blink

In eXposed, Thunderbird, Eclipse and Polaris were in a race against the Atlanta police to track down an escaped mutant fugitive, Blink. With Thunderbird's tracking skills, he was able to conclude that the fugitive must not be far from their position. After locating her, they tried to gain her trust by explaining that they were mutants as well. Eclipse and Polaris introduced themselves are Marcos and Lorna. However, their introductory meeting was disrupted as the police had tracked them down at the abandoned workshop they were hiding in. They all went to the main room. Polaris stepped out in front of the window, and gestured her hands in a downward motion, which sent out a wave of energy so powerful that it took out the police cruisers. That's when the police opened fire. Thunderbird was instructed to find them a way out. They exited through the back as they made a run for it and despite their efforts to take down the police by using their mutant abilities, Eclipse was shot in the alley. Polaris, in a fury of blind rage, attacked the police officer with great force. Distracted by her rage, other police officers appeared beside her and tasered her as Thunderbird tried to hold Eclipse back knowing he couldn't do anything to prevent it. They were forced to leave without Polaris back to the Mutant Underground Headquarters.


John and Sage watch the news

As John bandaged up Marcos' wound, they debated over the rescue of Lorna. Marcos wanted nothing more than to get a team together, but John was not convinced they could take on hundreds of cops when they nearly subdued by merely a dozen of them at the abandoned workshop. They couldn't take that risk, not right now. When Sage came in to alert them of a news story, where the news anchor reported that two mutants, Andy and Lauren Strucker, committed an act of terrorism at the local high school, Marcos and John then knew that their plans of rescuing Lorna would have to wait.

Later in the night, Clarice went to John to inform him of Marcos receiving a phone call and meeting the person about helping his family. John wondered why she didn't tell him this before, to which she reasoned that Marcos told her not to, but after an hour had passed and he hadn't returned, trusting her judgment to do right by Lorna, she decided to tell him. John then told her that they had to go find him, but they didn't know where he went so they wouldn't be able to find him, however, John reassured her that if he could find her, he could also track Marcos down.


Thunderbird's foresight

Just as he said, Thunderbird and Blink managed to track them down, Eclipse and the Struckers. When they arrived, Eclipse and the Struckers were already surrounded by the Sentinel Services. The seven of them sprinted through the warehouse, as Sentinel Services unleashed their mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels, which Thunderbird saw coming ahead of time due to his foresight. Eclipse and Lauren were able to keep them behind using their mutant abilities while Blink created a portal for them all to retreat through. Everyone, except Andy and Reed, went through the portal. With Andy hyper-focused on destroying the sentinels, he telepathically forced them to explode before joining the others through the portal. Blink couldn't hold the portal open for much longer, but while Reed was waiting for his son to enter the portal, he got injured before he got the chance to enter the portal after Andy, as Blink had to shut the portal because it was too for much her to bear. Reed was left for capture on the other side.

In rX, after jumping into the portal Clarice created, Andy, Caitlin, and Lauren were panicking about leaving Reed behind. John explained that they were in the Mutant Underground's headquarters. As much as John wanted to help the Struckers with going back to retrieve Reed, but the chances of them being captured, or worse, killed, was greater. What was within their ability, however, was tending to Clarice, who had overexerted her power to save them from the Sentinel Services, and ended up collapsing, thus shutting the portal she created, forcing Reed to remain on the other side.


John and Sonia discussing Clarice and the Struckers

With Sonia, John discussed the underground's next course of action in handling Clarice and the Struckers. While Sonia had made several attempts to reach a doctor in Gainsville to examine Clairce, she remained unsuccessful in contacting one during the late hours of the night. With John nearly being killed during his rescue mission the Struckers at the warehouse. he looked to Marcos for answers as to why he took off on his own. Marcos claimed that he agreed to help the family with the network's goal of providing refuge for persecuted mutants, in mind, however, John knows Marcos well enough to know that his true motives were rescuing Lorna. John wanted her back as much as Marcos, but destroying the organization in the process would be of no help to her. Before they could continue the discussion, Lauren interrupted to inform them of Clarice's worsening condition.


John shielding Andy and Lauren

Caitlin informed him that Clarice was in respiratory distress and her temperature was spiking. Caitlin, who is a nurse, advised John and Marcos to seek medical attention for Clarice, otherwise she would die. Just then, Clarice's unstable condition began effecting her abilities. As her body went into shock, her powers started to uncontrollably manifest, causing her hands to glow and portals to randomly open in the middle of their Headquarters. The first portal to open featured a road with a pickup truck headed straight for them. The truck skids out of control in an effort to avoid them. And while the portal did eventually close, doing so sliced the vehicle in two, sending the back end directly towards the Strucker kids, who John shields from impact with his own body, though he suffers little to no damage thanks to his dense skin and invulnerability to physical harm

John pulled himself up, then helping up Andy and Lauren before checking on the rest of the facility. With Clarice's condition growing increasingly unstable, John moves her to a table in the back of the room by the vault. A new portal emerged, opening a path back to the same road as before. Civilians with loaded rifles stood on the other side of the portal looking in. Seeing this, Marcos is prepared for a fight. However, John grabbed his wrist and urged him to show restraint as they weren't to hurt innocent bystanders. Fortunately, at least for the moment, Lauren managed to close the portal using her shields, thus preventing any possible altercation. He then asked Caitlin if she could help Clarice from Headquarters if they managed to obtain the medicine needed. However, they needed to get in the Pyxis machine from the hospital if they were to have any luck in saving Clarice.


John listening in

With Marcos and Caitlin out to recover the medicine from a nearby hospital, John stayed behind to watch over Clarice, as well as Andy and Lauren. He explained to them that Clarice is a refugee who escaped from jail when the underground found her. She was arrested after using a portal to steal food from a super market. This is a common occurrence amongst those in the mutant community who can't hide their mutations. They generally can't find employment, and one thing leads to another. Before he could finish his thought, Clarice's abilities once again began to uncontrollably manifest, and so John ordered Sonia to get everyone to safety. Just on the other side of the portal stood numerous civilians and officers. John then called Lauren over to seal the portal as before. And while she struggled, she does manage to get it closed, though not before John used his super senses to hear the officers call in for back up.

John's concern for the portals continued to grow as they opened more frequently, and though Lauren was able to close them, he wasn't sure how much longer that would remain to be true. He explained to Sonia that he heard the cops calling in the SWAT team. They were gearing up, and the next time one of those portals open, they may have a serious problem on their hands. If they come through, the underground must be prepared to evacuate, but Sonia believed that rather than evacuating, they should be getting Clarice as far away as possible. However, doing so is too dangerous, only making the situation worse. All they can do is hope Marcos and Caitlin return with the medicine in time.


John watching Lauren's failed attempt to close the poral

With Clarice's condition worsening, John is prepared to begin evacuating, though Sonia is adamant in her reasoning that it would be simpler to remove Clarice from the underground rather than evacuating the entire facility. Just then, Clarice's hands started to glow once more and another portal opened, which Lauren was too weak to close on her own. With the portal wide open, the SWAT team slowly approached. As one of the men entered the portal with his weapon drawn, John disarmed him of his firearm, lifted him to the ceiling, and then tossed him back onto the other side of the portal. Andy then ran out in front and in a display of great power, sent the officers flying backward into the air, as well as Clarice, who was knocked to the floor, and fell unconscious, causing the portal to close. However, after the closing of that single portal, many opened in its place within the underground headquarters. John instructed Sonia, Lauren, and Andy to evacuate the building as he called out to Clarice to wake up.

Fortunately, Caitlin returned with the medication as the underground was in disarray due to Clarice's unruly abilities. John assisted her as she stabilized Clarice's potassium levels, which in doing so saved Clarice and the facility. Later that night, as the underground attempted to regain order within the facility, Clarice awakened. She asked John if she was responsible for the damage and if everyone was okay, to which John responded that there were no casualties. He then asked her about the road that she repeatedly opened the portal to, but Clarice claimed to have no recollection of the ordeal. On that note, he instructed her to rest as they could talk about it later.

Personality Edit

There isn't much to be said of Thunderbird's personality at the moment, but he is a very militant minded individual with vast skills and leading capability.[1]

Physical Appearance Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Strength and Invulnerability: Thunderbird has superhumanly dense musculature that gives him enhanced strength sufficient enough to rip open steel doors and allows him near invulnerability to physical harm.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thunderbirds dense muscle allows him to exert great force in his movements to achieve a level of superhuman speed.[3]
  • Tracking Skills/Enhanced senses: Thunderbird possesses greatly enhanced physical senses and is an expert tracker, having displayed the capacity on two separate occasions to track Blink and Eclipse for miles. He even managed to locate Blink in an abandoned workshop shortly after she teleported herself there. Thunderbird's senses are sharp enough to detect the presence of several Sentinels at a distance before they were deployed and sense them behind a heavy steel door.
  • Foresight: This ability allows him to see glimpses of the recent past and near future when focusing on a specific location or person. This is possibly an advanced tracking ability.[4]

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Appears
rX Appears
eXodus Appears
eXit Strategy N/A
boXed in N/A
got your siX N/A
quick fiX N/A
threat of eXtinction N/A
outfoX N/A
To Be Announced N/A

Trivia Edit

  • The casting information for Thunderbird was initially presented as a character named "Sam".
  • He made his first appearance in 1975 comic series titled "Giant-Size X-Men #1".

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References Edit

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