Time to go boys and girls. The fun's just starting.
— Sophie, Phoebe and Esme[src]

Sophie Frost is a recurring character during the first season of FOX's The Gifted. She was promoted to series regular for the second season.[1] She, along with her identical sisters Esme and Phoebe, are telepathic mutants who share a hive mind-like connection.

She and her sister Phoebe were incarcerated by Sentinel Services for unknown reasons, before being freed by their other sister, Esme.

Early Life Edit

Two months prior to Exploited, Sophie's sister, Esme, using the fake name Stacy, went undercover as a staff member for Senator Montez during one of his rallies. She asked him if she could attend some of the meetings along with him, and he agreed. After he went back talking to his campaign manager, Esme was interrupted by a telepathic warning from Sophie and their other sister, Phoebe, who told her to get out of there, as Sentinel Services had arrived at the rally looking for them. Esme ran outside and into the crowd, trying to escape as her sisters continued to yell at her telepathically in unison.

Esme escaped however Sophie and Phoebe were taken into custody by Sentinel Services and imprisoned at a facility although the sisters psychic link wasn't broken which lead Esme to beginning planning a massive mutant prison breakout with the intend to recuse her sisters.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit


Sophie, Phoebe and Esme reunited

In "Exploited", she along with Phoebe are reunited with their identical sister Esme after casually massacring several Sentinel Services agents during a prisoner transfer from Trask Industries. With more Sentinel Services agents approaching, Sophie, Phoebe and Esme's eyes glow blue as they instruct the leading officer to fire on his fellow agents, killing them all. As Andy, Lauren, Clarice and the other mutant prisoners exit the transport vehicle, Sophie, Phoebe and Esme speak in unison. "Time to go boys and girls. The fun's just starting."


Sophie, Phoebe and Esme recount their attack on Trask

In "3 X 1", Sophie, Phoebe and Esme recount the Trask escape with William, an associate of theirs. The alarms were going off. People were coming. They went one way while the Mutant Underground went another. They took the Struckers without so much as a thank you, the girls add. And in the 2 days since that, they've had no interaction with the Underground, who felt used. So Sophie, Phoebe and Esme wanted to give them some space since their parting moment was heated, to say the least. William is displeased with the mess they left at the Trask lab. But as Esme points out, they barely got out of their alive. William explains that he was recruited to rebuild the Hellfire Club with them. So activities like his, such as taking down a hedge fund are essential, while their transgressions will only make things more difficult, like their killing of a dozen Sentinel Services agents. They made a lot of noise, yet the Hound program is stronger than ever. So they need to act quickly and they'll need the Underground's help.


Sophie, Phoebe and Esme propose an alliance

Sophie, Phoebe and Esme arrive at the station unannounced. They've come peacefully as they only desire to talk about the Hound program, which is expanding, and they want the Underground's help in taking it down. However, Marcos and Reed are still upset that Esme used and lied to them. Admittedly, Esme mislead them, but she also saved their children and her family. The ends justify the means as far as she is concerned. As for why they need the Underground's help despite their own powers being so great, Sentinel Services knows what they look like. So they can't take them on by themselves. They have information about Dr. Campbell's plans and resources to share. Meanwhile, the Underground has the muscle. While Caitlin and Marcos refuse to even consider an alliance of any kind, John seems more willing though he does kick them out after hearing what they have to offer.


One of the Frost Sisters messes with Andy's head

One of the Frost Sisters visits Andy at the Fairburn station after the Struckers left the Underground. When Andy asks which sister he is talking to, she replies that it doesn't matter much as they're essentially Three-in-One. She heard about the Struckers running off from Atlanta. Andy explains that his parents wanted to protect him and his sister. However, Andy is hardly someone who needs protecting. She tells him to speak to his parents as "Andrew Von Strucker" if he wants to be taken seriously. He's surprised that she knows about his family's history. She claims that she knows all about the Strucker family and who Andy is meant to be. She tells Andy that he's not a child anymore and that they need him most of all.


The Frost Sisters coming to the Underground's rescue

Sophie, Phoebe and Esme rescue the Underground as they are under attack by Sentinel Services and their Hounds at the Fairburn station. The Hounds in question are wearing a manacle that allows them to combine abilities, making them even more dangerous and powerful. As Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris, Blink, Lauren, Wes, Andy, Reed and Caitlin quietly move throughout the woods, the Sister telepathically speak to Andy and guide them out the woods. The Underground makes it out to the road where they find Sophie, Phoebe and Esme waiting with escape vehicles.

When Marcos questions how they even found them in Fairburn, the Sisters claim that they have sources. The Hounds that attacked them is what the Sisters tried to warn the Underground about. But it was only the start. It's going to get worse, which is why they need the Underground's help to take down Campbell and Trask.


The Frost Sisters tell William about their alliance with the Underground

The Frost Sisters reconvene with William, who is irate. He has been taking calls for hours. The inner circle is angry with their stunt. The sisters wonder if the inner circle had a better idea. Because if they did, they could've shared it instead of hiding behind their screens and chessboard. Sophie, Phoebe and Esme risked a lot of lives as they were responsible for tipping off Sentinel Services to the Fairburn station. The Frost sisters defend their actions by reasoning that someone times you have to sacrifice a few pawns if you want to win. The Underground needed to understand what they are all up against. It would seem that their stunt went exactly as planned as the Underground has agreed to the alliance.


The Frost Sisters and the Underground plot to stop the Hound program

In "eXtraction", the Frost Sisters discuss a plan to stop the Hound program with the Mutant Underground. However, before starting, Marcos makes one thing clear, that their being there, doesn't make them friends. Sophie, Phoebe and Esme know this, and then go onto explain that they're dealing with a secret program that must be stopped as soon as possible as their sources have informed them that Dr. Campbell is working his political connection to take the program International. Their best chance to stop him will be at the Humanity Today Summit in Charlotte tomorrow, where major anti mutant politicians, business heads and Purifiers will be present. The Frost Sisters want to kidnap Campbell to stop the program. When Clarice opposes the idea, the Sisters claim that they know all about her criminal past and "old friends", something she had not shared with the Underground.

Sophie, Phoebe and Esme, John, Lorna, Marcos and Clarice arrive at a very large and expensive looking safe house in Charlotte. Clarice notes that it looks "boujee", so the Sisters sarcastically offer to accommodate by bringing in mold and smashing holes in the floor. Esme then sees them inside while Sophie and Phoebe remain outside.


Frost Sisters take control of Bennett

The Frost Sister and the Underground plan to kidnap Franklin Bennett, a big fundraiser for anti-mutant causes. He attends the Humanity Today Summit every year. If they're with him, they get past the gate. After Esme, John, Lorna, Marcos and Clarice intercept Bennett's route and bring him back to the safe house, the Frost Sisters handcuff him to a chair and force him to make a phone call to the Humanity Today Summit. Their eyes glow blue as they take over Bennett's mind and force him to make changes to his security detail. He then tells the Frost Sisters that they will be tracked down and exterminated. They don't even deserve to breathe the same air as human beings as far as he is concerned. Since he doesn't want to breathe the same air as them, the Frost Sisters make him hold his breathe. They can see inside his mind. They see the twisted videos he watches of mutants being tortured. They can feel the hate that he harbors. Clarice enters the den with the others just behind her. She brings a stop to their torture of Bennett.

Afterward, the mutants infiltrate the Summit. They get pass the front gate as Bennett's security detail. The second Senator Montez's speech is over, Polaris will knock out the frequencies for phones and walkies. Eclipse and the others are going to need to hurry because once communication goes down, the area is going to be crawling with security. Some time later, Sophie and Phoebe dump Bennett while Polaris and Esme sit in the SUV.


Sophie and Phoebe take Polaris to take out Campbell and Montez

In "X-roads", the Frost Sisters discover that Campbell and Montez filed a flight plan for Washington after they got away at the Summit. Sophie and Phoebe take Polaris to handle the matter. Whiling driving to the airport to intercept Campbell and Montez, Sophie and Phoebe tell Polaris that it was noble of her to keep her friends out of it. But sooner or later, her friends will join them. Polaris doubts it since the Underground means everything to John and Marcos. The Frost Sisters explain that the Hellfire Club protected mutants once as well, which is why they're trying to rebuild it. They know what she's thinking, but Polaris has to remember that Marcos loves her and that he'll come around. Polaris then tells them to stay out of her head.

Sophie and Phoebe arrive at the airport with Polaris. They question if she's sure that she can go through with it. Polaris assures them that she's capable of doing what's needed. She then tells the Frost Sisters to leave as she doesn't want her friends to think that she's doing it for them.

Personality Edit

To be seen...

Physical Appearance Edit

Sophie is a young Caucasian woman with light skin, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. When she uses her telepathic abilities, her eyes glow with a bright blue hue, and glow even more when acting under the hive mind. She and her sisters are completely identical to each other, including the tendency to have matching hairstyles and outfits, even down to the accessories.

Abilities and Skills Edit

  • Telepathic Hive Mind: Sophie and her sisters share a linked hive mind, which allows them to share thoughts, communicate and maintain a continuous telepathic connection over great distances. The link is strongest when they are in close physical proximity, and their collective mind also allows for increased telepathic power and shared intellect. When the girls use their telepathy, their eyes glow bright blue, and they glow even more when acting under the hive mind.
    • Telepathy: Sophie and her sisters possess the ability to read minds and project their thoughts to others. They are able to analyze people's memories and influence minds, as seen when her sister, Esme, implanted a vivid nightmare into Polaris' mind while she slept. Though they individually possess their own telepathy, their telepathic abilities are greater when the girls join together.
    • Empathy: Sophie and her sisters possess limited emphatic abilities, as Esme could read Chloe Tans' emotions, sensing a lot of need and pain.
    • Mind Control: Sophie and her sisters have shown the ability to control multiple people’s minds at the same time, as demonstrated when they forced several Sentinel Services agents to kill both their fellow agents and themselves. However, the target must be taken by surprise and unaware of the effect.
    • Pain Inducement: Sophie and her sisters can induce mental pain inside people’s minds, as shown when they rendered two Sentinel Service agents writhing on the ground, clutching at their heads in pain.
    • Psychosomatic Symptoms Inducement: Sophie and her sisters have the ability to influence the minds of others to produce a series of illusory psychosomatic actions, that cause the body to react as if it were actually physically experiencing it; for example, they have shown to be able to induce an interruption of the respiratory tract by telling their victim to "stop breathing".

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  • In the comics, Sophie Cuckoo is one of the Stepford Cuckoos, a set of telepathic quintuplets and one of the clones of Emma Frost. The clones were created by the Weapon Plus program (the same program that grafted adamantium to Wolverine's skeletal structure and gave Captain America his superhuman abilities). The project was code-named Weapon XIV, and the goal was to create thousands of telepathic clones of Emma Frost (one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet), that when combining their telepathic powers into a hive-mind, they would be capable of killing every mutant on the planet. Five of the clones were sent to infiltrate the Xavier Institute, to both gain the X-Men's trust and hone their telepathic abilities, and there, those five clones (Esme, Celeste, Phoebe, Irma and Sophie) took on the code-name the Five-In-One, or as they were more commonly referred to as - The Stepford Cuckoos.
    • Coincidentally, the mutant drug Kick was mentioned in the episode Esme was introduced in. In the comics, Esme Cuckoo had ingested the drug to boost her telepathic abilities, and that was ultimately one of the contributing factors to her eventual death at the hands of Xorn. Esme had also influenced her sister, Sophie, to partake in the drug and that eventually led to her death due to overdose. After those events, with only three sisters remaining, the Five-In-One became known as the Three-In-One.
  • Skyler Samuels revealed through an Instagram livestream that the names of Esme’s sisters are Sophie and Phoebe and that their last name is Frost.
  • In 3 X 1 it was stated by Doctor Campbell that She and Phoebe were experimented on after they were brought to him.

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