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Skyler is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. He is a mutant teenager, who appears to be able to repel objects.

Early Life Edit

Skyler was a homeless teenager living under I-85 in Atlanta with other mutant kids, he was using his powers to find food. When the Sentinel Services came after them he fled to the Mutant Underground Headquarters.

Season 1Edit

In got your siX, Skyler came to the Mutant Underground Headquarters along with other mutant refugees after the Sentinel Services forced them off the streets. Caitlin gave him a medical examination and said he has high blood pressure and he told her that he used his powers consistently while out in the streets when looking for food. She then sent him to rest after he got something to eat. Later on Lorna trained him to use his powers for combat along with Lauren, Wes and Naya. She hurled a hammer at Skyler, who easily deflected it to her appraisal.

In eXtreme measures, Skylar was with Andy and Naya as Lorna trained them with avoiding and neutralizing bricks that she was throwing at them.

Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Skyler has brown hair and brown eyes. Lean with an average height of a teenager.

Abilities and Skills Edit

  • Repulsion: Skyler can emit an unknown energy from his hands that repels objects. He can easily repel projectiles heading towards him, and when used in conjunction with Naya's ability, could propel water with enough force to knock several sentinel service agents back several feet.

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  • The actor portraying Skyler, Charlie Nix, is the son of American writer, producer, and director, Matt Nix.

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