Sheila is a mutant refugee in Exodus. She and her daughter Dominique were fleeing Sentinel Services, who had already arrested her husband.

She removes Reed Strucker's back pain.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Sheila's early life. It can be assumed she lived in or near Atlanta. At some point in her life, she met her husband and they had a daughter. Prior to Season 1, Sentinel Services arrested Sheila's husband and were about to arrest Shelia and Dominique as she presented a future threat, but they went on the run, eventually finding a contact to the Mutant Underground.

Season 1Edit

In eXodus, Sheila and her daughter, Dominique, were refugees seeking help from the Mutant Underground. As they sat in the backroom of Tex's Lounge waiting to get driven to the Mutant Underground Headquarters by Fade, Reed Strucker entered the room with Fade as he told them to wait. As they waited, Sheila made conversation with Reed as they talked about their situations. Sheila explained that her husband was taken by Sentinel Services because of his mutant status and was after them too. Reed was surprised that they would be after a small child like Dominique but Sheila informed him that they only saw her as a future threat as she possessed the X-Gene. Noticing he was in pain from his encounter with the Sentinel Services, she used her powers to remove his pain, to which he thanked her for after.

Later, Fade went to retrieve them. Reed, Shelia and Dominique sat in the back of the van, and Fade sat at the front, as he drove them to meet the Mutant Underground. Sheila's daughter noticed that Reed looked scared, and assumed he was afraid that the mutant-hunters would find them, but she reassured her that they were safe now. After a while, Reed confessed that he was wearing a tracker and that the Sentinel Services were following them, so he asked Fade to stop the van. Fade said if they stopped, they were as good as dead. So Reed decided to jump out of the moving van. After that, Fade immediately made the whole van invisible so that the Sentinel Services wouldn't be able to track them.

Personality Edit

Sheila is a timid and meek woman who tries to always keep calm and positive for her daughter's sake- especially during frightening and/or tense times. She is also very kind as she quickly moved to make Reed comfortable around them and even removed his back pain with her power, apologizing that she couldn't heal him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Shelia is a trim middle-aged woman, with short, light-colored hair and brown eyes.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Pain Absorption: Sheila possesses the ability to absorb pain through physical contact. She has stated that she cannot heal injuries, just alleviate the pain they cause.

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Absent
rX Absent
eXodus Appears
eXit Strategy Absent
boXed in Absent
got your siX Absent
eXtreme measures Absent
threat of eXtinction Absent
outfoX Absent
eXploited N/A
3 X 1 N/A
eXtraction N/A
X-roads N/A

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