Shatter is a recurring character on The Gifted. He is a Mutant with the ability to crystallize his skin, as well as other objects.

Early Life Edit

Season 1Edit

In Exposed, Shatter briefly looked over to Sage as she spoke with the new arrival at the underground headquarters, Clarice Fong, otherwise known as Blink.

Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Shatter's uncontrollable crystal-like skin is a physical mutation, that is common with the x-gene. Because of this, he is incapable of entering the world without being recognized as a mutant.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Crystalline Skin: Shatter's crystalline skin shields him from various types of damage and attacks. Along with crystallizing himself, he can also crystallize objects as well.

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Appears
rX Absent
eXodus Appears
eXit Strategy N/A
boXed in N/A
got your siX N/A
quick fiX N/A
threat of eXtinction N/A
outfoX N/A
To Be Announced N/A

Trivia Edit

  • He made his first appearance in the 2002 comic series titled "Morlocks #1".
  • Shatter's appearance in The Gifted marks his live-action debut.

Gallery Edit

Screencaps Edit

References Edit

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