This page features all minor characters that made an appearance during Season 1 of FOX's The Gifted. It spotlights characters that essentially received minor roles but were relevant enough in the story to which a page was needed to document their involvement. The characters below are listed in order of episode appearance for your convenience. Please use the Minor Character Infobox when adding a new addition to the page.


Jack is a minor character that appeared during season 1 of The Gifted. He is a student at Belleview Acres High School.

In Exposed, Jack Facetimed his girlfriend, Lauren Strucker, during which time they discussed her outfit, and whether she should wear the blue or orange outfit. He had no preference on the matter, claiming that she looked good in both, which brought her no closer to a decision. After giving it some thought, he chose the blue outfit. Jack then asked if she wanted him to pick her up from her house, but she declined his offer, however, she would be pushing for a later curfew.

Later that night, he met up with Lauren at the school dance where he greeted her with a kiss. Much to Jack's surprise, her younger brother, Andy, had tagged along. He separated Jack from Lauren, instructing them to "leave room for Jesus". After another kiss, Andy told them not to get pregnant, as he walked off.

As Jack and Lauren slow danced, he attempted to pressure Lauren into staying out later, however, her mother had already denied her request for an extended curfew. Not to mention that she had Andy with her, and she would eventually have to take him home.

Unfortunately, before they could finish their dance, the school began to shake and the gymnasium walls started to collapse, causing mass panic, which prompted the students to evacuate, Jack and Lauren included. However, Andy was still inside, and Lauren refused to leave without him. So, as Jack headed towards the exit, Lauren ventured furthered into the school to retrieve her brother.


Carla is a minor character that appeared during season 1 of The Gifted. She is a member of the mutant task force at Central Courthouse Building.

In Exposed, Carla watched as Sentinel Services came into the building, demanding access to Reed Strucker's office, email, and computer despite the confidential information that may be related to cases. Reed's sudden departure was odd considering that he had worked with the office for fifteen years, and the mutant task force for the last five.

As Carla exited the building later that evening, she received a call from Reed. She immediately asked him where he was and what was going on because Sentinel Services was raiding his office, which he was aware of. This is precisely why he was calling. Reed needed Carla to steal the case files for the mutant network investigation and bring them to him. Despite the absurdity of this favor, Reed had to ask this of her as he needed to get his family to safety. If he could contact the mutants of the underground network, they may be able to assist his family in evading capture. She admitted that while Reed has done a lot for her career, she could get disbarred and arrested for tampering with an open case. However, after some convincing on Reed's part, Carla retrieved the files and got them to him.

However, after Reed had been captured by Sentinel Services, she had been questioned by them and informed Agent Turner that she had given Reed the file about the Mutant Underground.

Ellen StruckerEdit

Ellen Strucker is a minor character that appeared during season 1 of The Gifted. She is the ex-wife of Otto Strucker, the mother of Reed Strucker, the mother-in-law of Caitlin Strucker, and grandmother of Lauren and Andy Strucker.

One year ago, Ellen joined Reed, Caitlin, Lauren and Andy at the bowling alley for a family outing. After a pitiful attempt by Caitlin, she looked to Ellen asking if she was sure that she didn't want to give it a try. Ellen declined her offer, then telling her son that the love of bowling was one of many things that she and his father didn't have in common. Unfortunately, their peaceful and joyous outing was interrupted by a dispute one lane over involving a father and his mutant daughter and an obnoxious group of people that were teasing the young girl because of her mutation. Between her father's yelling and the cruel group of individuals making fun of her, the girl temporarily lost control of her ability as she screams out, causing a huge gust of wind to form. This is when Reed stepped in, and informed the father to take his daughter and leave before the situation worsened.

Ellen is brought in for interrogation by Agent Weeks of the Sentinel Services after her grandchildren, Lauren and Andy destroyed their school's gymnasium, which was being reported as an act of terrorism. Under the suspicion that she was potentially involved in her grandchildren's escape and that she knew of their whereabouts, they saw it best to bring her in. She informed the Agent that nothing her grandchildren did was intentional as they would never attack anyone. With phone records from Ellen to her son Reed, Agent Weeks suspected her involvement some way or another. though Ellen explained that she merely called her family to check in on them after seeing the incident that took place at their school on the news. The Agent then asked about her husband, who Ellen stated as being alone in Chattanooga. From there, Agent Weeks accused her of being a radical activist, looking back to her support for the mutant rights movement as well as her protest against the South African government. Ellen clarified that she marched against apartheid in 1984. They were oppressing all kinds of people, not just the mutants, she said.

Scott ReynoldsEdit

Scott Reynolds is a minor character that appeared during season 1 of The Gifted.

In eXodus, Scott was home with his father when his aunt Caitlin and cousins Lauren and Andy came to their home for help. He was happy to see his cousins again and excited to hear about their adventures since they've been on the run. Lauren didn't want to talk much about it but Andy joyfully told him that he managed to destroy Sentinel robots with his powers which Scott thought was awesome. He then asked about where they had been hiding all this time but his eager questions made his father feel uncomfortable and he asked them to go off and play some video games. As he and Andy played Call of Duty, he joked that he should call his cousin Destructo due to his destructive powers. After they finished their game, he took a trophy and asked if Andy could use his powers on it but Andy told him that he can't just do it out of nowhere. Lauren told Scott that he shouldn't be encouraging him and Andy shouldn't be showing it off. When Lauren found online pictures of kids they knew from back home had tagged their house, Andy began to get upset and then unleashed his power to split Scott's trophy in half. Scott quickly moved to hide it when his aunt Caitlin came to check on them.

The following morning, a small armed mob of neighbors had gathered outside the Reynolds house and were demanding the Struckers. His dad accused Thunderbird and Eclipse of bringing them there but Scott quickly confessed that he had sent a picture of his trophy to his friend though had asked that he not show it to anyone. He then watched as his dad left to try and quell the mob but was attacked by his friend's father. His cousin Andy then unleashed his power as he demanded that the people leave them alone. Eclipse and Thunderbird then took the Struckers and ran off to drive the mob away from the house. Later on, he and his father met back up with them as they were going off to lay low for a while.

Daniel ReynoldsEdit

Daniel "Danny" Reynolds is a minor character that appeared during season 1 of The Gifted.

In eXodus, When his niece and nephew had been exposed as mutants, he had been visited by the police to answer questions. His friends and colleagues at work started to avoid looking at him.

He was suddenly visited by his sister and her children and though he was happy to see them, he was nervous about them in his home as they were being hunted by Sentinel Services. He allowed them into his home and got uncomfortable when his son Scott started asking his cousins questions about their time on the run. He sent them all to his room so that he and his sister could talk privately. Caitlin asked Daniel for his help in reaching out to some of his connections but Daniel told her that he couldn't be seen reaching out to fugitives and endanger his family. Caitlin frantically pointed out that she, her husband and children were his family. He told Caitlin that she and her children could stay the night and take the money he had in his safe but that was all the help he could give them.

The following morning, Thunderbird and Eclipse came into his home looking for the Struckers and Daniel accused Caitlin of bringing mutants into his home. His sister rounded on him that the only mutants she brought were his niece and nephew. Their arguments got cut off when a small mob of his neighbors appeared in front of his house, armed with guns, and called out for the Struckers. At first, Daniel thought the two new mutants brought them but his son Scott confessed that he had shared a photo of a trophy that Andy crushed with his powers to a friend though had asked that it not be shared. Daniel saw that his and Caitlin's old friend Chuck was leading the mob and told them all to stay inside so that he could get rid of them. He confronted them and Chuck told him that they knew that the Struckers were inside because one of them had seen a photo on his son's phone of the trophy while the boy was at swim practice and saw that Scott had sent it to him. Chuck had told them they just wanted the Struckers so that they could protect the neighborhood but Daniel accused him of only caring about the large bounty that was on them. Daniel was then struck on the head before the mob tried to move in. This caused his nephew to lash out with his powers and for all the mutants to run and lead the mob away.

Later, Daniel met up with Caitlin and told them that his family was going to lay low for a while at a cabin and that her family could go with them. Caitlin told her brother that she had to find her husband but Daniel told her that he had made some calls and found that Reed was being taken to a federal facility for lockup. He told her that she had to accept that she wasn't going to see her husband again but Caitlin told him that she would get him back and left with Thunderbird and Eclipse.

Grace TurnerEdit

Grace Elizabeth Turner is the daughter of Jace and Paula Turner. About four years before the start of the series, Grace and her parents were picnicking at a park in Dallas, Texas. However, a mutant rights march was taking place nearby, and it quickly turned into a riot. As Jace called out to Grace to get off the merry-go-round she was playing on, an energy blast went off that killed many innocent civilians, including Grace. At the time of her death, Grace was seven years old.

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