rX is the second episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is the second episode of the series overall.[2]

Synopsis Edit

CAITLIN AND ECLIPSE TEAM UP TO TRY AND HELP BLINK — After exerting her powers beyond their limits, Blink goes into a state of shock, forcing Caitlin and Eclipse to go on a mission to find a special serum that will help her to recover. Meanwhile, Reed faces some difficult choices when it comes to helping his family, and Polaris runs into some trouble.[3]

Plot Edit

To Be Added

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest CastEdit

Co-starring Edit

  • Christian Adam as Obnoxious Guy #1
  • Aerli Austen as Amber
  • Dave Blamy as Father
  • Jacnite Blackenship as Mutant Mom
  • Christabelle Rose Chapman as Obnoxious Girl
  • Ava Culpepper as Daughter
  • Tony Demil as Guard #2
  • Jordan Eli as Young Boy
  • Katelyn Farrugia as Nurse
  • Dinarte De Freitas as Pedro
  • Monique Grant as Guard #1
  • Barbara Hawkins-Scott as Desk Nurse
  • Josh Henry as Ben
  • Jason Jamal Ligon as Side-eye
  • Hayley Lovitt as Sage

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References Edit

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