The Purifiers are an anti-mutant hate group, willing to commit violent acts against mutants ranging from intimidation, arson, and lynchings.

Somewhat like earlier hate groups across history, the Purifiers are not a nation-wide "organization" as such, but more of a concept. "Purifiers" is more of a catch-all term for violent anti-mutant human groups, ranging from loose gangs to fairly well organized militias. There are also public figures that are also classed as purifiers that give public support and financial aid to anti-mutant causes such as politicians and businessmen.

Season 1Edit

In a flashback in 3 X 1, a group of Purifiers cornered Blink and her friend outside a movie theater, where they set her car on fire and told her that mutants weren't welcome.

Season 2Edit

“#Mutants Unite”

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  • In the comic books, the "Purifiers" were specifically an anti-mutant group created by William Stryker, in the God Loves, Man Kills storyline from 1983. They were much more overtly religious, explaining their cross symbols. In The Gifted, however, "Purifiers" seems to be more of a general term adopted by various anti-mutant militias, making them somewhat analogous to various other anti-mutant groups in the comics such as the "Friends of Humanity", etc.