Pilot is the first episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is currently set to debut on FOX on October 2, 2017.[1]

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To Be Announced

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  • "I know nothing about the X Men but Matt Nix created one of my favorite ever shows, so I was always going to give this a go and it didn't disappoint. Hands down best pilot I've watched so far. Had my attention from the first minute and I was cursing when the episode ended, because I didn't want it to stop. Also a massive plus point having so many actors I like all in one show." (Samantha Benjamin | 8/6/2017)[2]
  • "One of the best of this years batch. I will definitely be watching this season." (Prpleight | 8/6/2017)[2]
  • "The Gifted is hands down the best new pilot of the season. They immediately begin building out the world the series exists within and don't spend an outrageous amount of time on exposition that can be dealt with in shorter bursts throughout the episode. The ending will leave audiences craving to know what comes next. An exceptional cast, solid writing, compelling characters, intense action sequences, and a terrific plot makes this one a must watch." (Aimee Hicks | 8/6/2017)[2]
  • "A really good start to what will no doubt be an awesome show." (Jamie Coudeville | 8/5/2017)[2]
  • "Standard mutant/superhero fare with dry writing and an over serious tone, even Stan Lee's cameo was one of the most grave we've ever seen." (Kayell | 8/5/2017)[2]

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