Pedro is a recurring character on The Gifted. He is a mutant with the ability to evoke fear, as well as a member of the Mutant Underground.

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In eXposed, Pedro is briefly seen holding a rifle and guarding the gate as Thunderbird and Eclipse bring the new arrival, Blink to the Mutant Underground Headquarters.

In rX, it's revealed that Pedro has the ability to project fear onto others and uses this ability to create a field of fear around the Mutant Safehouse protecting it from any intruders. Pedro used this ability on any humans who came to close to the headquarters. As seen when Caitlin Strucker approached the safehouse with Eclipse and began to feel uneasy and insist they turn around while he felt nothing.

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Pedro has light-blue skin, big black eyes, pointy ears and a beard.

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  • Fear Projection: Pedro possesses the ability to project fear and terror onto others, Causing them to become frightened when within his proximity. His ability makes him the perfect guard as he uses it to create a barrier around the Mutant Underground Headquarters causing anyone who approaches it to become uneasy and avoid the area, protecting them from intruders. This ability was first demonstrated on Caitlin Strucker, who immediately felt the effects of Pedro's ability as she and Eclipse approached the facility, going into a state of panic and insisting they turn around.
  • Weaknesses: If someone has already experienced their greatest fear, or can can overcome their fear, Pedro's ability can be thwarted. This is seen when Pedro tries to repel a group of Sentinel Services agents, but fails because Jace Turner overcomes his fear.

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