Paula Turner is the wife of Sentinel Services agent Jace Turner and the mother of the late Grace Turner.

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Paula had been with her husband Jace and their daughter Grace in the park while a mutant rights rally was going on not too far away. As their daughter was playing, they could hear the noise from the rally carry over and heard it start escalating and Paula became worried. When they tried to leave, there was a flash and Paula saw to her horror that their daughter had been caught in some kind of blast.

Season 1Edit

In eXodus, Paula had been sent a message from Jace saying that he would be working late. Paula responded that she was proud of him.

In boXed in, Paula was called by Jace and he told her that he wouldn't make it because he was going to run late. Paula was confused as she thought that he was only transporting a prisoner today but he told her that what he was doing was a follow up. She then heard about him being kidnapped but wasn't allowed to see him in the hospital. When he came home, she was relieved but she became confused when Jace asked if Grace was inside. She was then woefully forced to remind Jace that Grace had died years ago.

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Paula has shown to deeply love and care for her family. She doesn't seem to despise mutants as her husband Jace does, following the events of 7/15 during which their daughter Grace was killed, though she does supports her husband's working for Sentinel Services. But upon discovering her husband's underhanded and immoral operations within Sentinel Services, she became very ashamed of him and believed him to be disgracing their daughter's name for what he had been doing.

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  • Her actress has the same surname as her character.

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