Naya is a recurring character on The Gifted. She is a mutant teenager, who has the ability to move and shape water.

She is a refugee who was brought into the Mutant Underground after Sentinel Services raided her previous home. She has since started training with Polaris to master her abilities.

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In got your siX, Naya came to the Mutant Underground Headquarters along with other mutant refugees after escaping from the Sentinel Services. Naya demonstrated her powers to Lorna by moving water from a vase up into the air and then forcefully throwing the water back down and shattering the vase into small pieces in the process. Lorna asked her if she has ever trained, Naya Answered: "Not Really". Later on Lorna trained her to use his powers for combat along with Lauren, Wes and Skyler.

In eXtreme measures, Naya was with Andy and Skyler as Lorna trained them with avoiding and neutralizing bricks that she was throwing at them while they were blindfolded.

In X-Roads , Naya and Skyler were doing laundry, Naya used her abilities to the dry the clothes. Later when the Sentinel Services attacked the mutant underground headquarters, she and Skyler used their abilities to protect the building, Naya lifted water out of a bucket while Skyler repelled the water into the agents with great force, after the building was destroyed, Naya evacuated to a rally point in Nashville, Tennessee with the rest of the underground.

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Naya is a young girl with brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a tan complexion.

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  • Water Manipulation: Naya has the ability to move and shape water. She demonstrated this ability by raising water from a vase, and forcefully slamming it down, shattering the aforementioned vase into many pieces.

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