The X-Men. The Brotherhood. We don't even know if they exist anymore.

Mutants are individuals born with what is commonly referred to as the X-Gene, which grants them superhuman abilities and/or unusual physical characteristics.


Mutants were among the many groups oppressed under the apartheid government in South Africa [1]. In the United States of America, mutant factions known as the X-Men and the Brotherhood existed, but they had long since disappeared under mysterious circumstances [2]. Anti-mutant sentiment became more prevalent in the U.S., due to a mutant-related incident that resulted in the death of at least one individual, Agent Jace Turner's daughter. Operating under the Amended Patriot Act, Sentinel Services had the constitutional power to arrest any mutant they saw as a potential threat, which caused the Mutant Underground to form in opposition to this.



Mutants are distinguished from humans by the presence of the X-Gene, which grants mutants extraordinary superhuman powers and abilities. The X-Gene has also been known to cause physical changes varying between mutants, they can have wildly varying biologies depending on the nature of their mutation. While some may show no changes to their appearance others have exhibited such changes to their skin or eyes. In Clarice Fong's case, better known as Blink, her eyes are a bright shade of green.


Mutation is caused by the X-Gene in the mutants' DNA. For most people, mutations normally manifest themselves during puberty, often as a result of a stressful or traumatic event, this is the case for Andy Strucker, although, some mutants possess an active X-Gene from birth. Like all genetic traits, the X-Gene can remain dormant and skip generations causing human parents to produce mutant children, as seen with the Strucker family. According to Thunderbird, while most mutant first access their abilities through strong emotions, such as fear, pain, or anger, this is an unreliable means to controlling them. The difficulty that so many mutants face whiling attempting to control their abilities is that they fail to tap into something positive.

Notable MutantsEdit

Mutant Description Ability Status
Andy Strucker
Andy is a mutant with destructive yet unspecified abilities. His powers manifested at a school dance while being bullied by several classmates. Unspecified Alive
Lauren Strucker
Lauren is a mutant with the ability to create force fields. She discovered her abilities several years ago, and kept it hidden from her family in fear of imprisonment. Force Fields Alive
Marcos Diaz/Eclipse
Eclipse is a member of the Mutant Underground, who helps persecuted mutants evade Sentinel Services. Absorption and Manipulation of Photons
Laser Beam Projection
Clarice Fong/Blink
Blink is a mutant who escaped a detention center, and was later rescued by members of the Mutant Underground. Teleportation Alive
Lorna Dane/Polaris
Polaris is a member of the Mutant Underground, as well as the daughter of Magneto, whom she inherited her abilities from. Electromagnetic Control
Magnetic Force Generation
John Proudstar/Thunderbird
Thunderbird is the leader of the Mutant Underground with tracking experience and an Apache background. Physical Invulnerability
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed
Tracking Skills
Heightened Senses
Sage is a member of the Mutant Underground. Cyberpathy
Kinetic Memory
Memory Manipulation Alive
Crystallin Skin Alive
Pulse Disruptive Pulses Alive
Unknown Alive



  • "Mutie" is considered a derogatory term towards mutants. The politically correct alternative is "person of genetic difference" [2].


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