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  • I was thinking that a page should be made for this specific power. It seems to be more than just a simple power, like the Phoenix Force.

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  • Yes, they are! 

    In addition to the fact that they are completely identical, they share an absolutely symbiotic link (and we do not know if they will follow the story of their comics origins in detail).

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  • I'm so sorry about the pages I edited. I was starting to edit while the episode was on and when I went to save, it told me someone already edited. Instead of closing it out, I clicked on resolve conflict and then saved the page without proofreading. I didn't mean to mess up the pages like that.

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  • Hey Kev. Just thought that I should tell you that two of the featured videos on the main page do not appear to be working.

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  • The term force field  has not been been used by the creator or in the show itself.

    Lauren does not produce a massless energy field. She compresses air molecules to form a construct which is usually a shield. 

    The term force field should be changed in the wiki to construct. 

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    • Nothing is deemed as canon until stated or shown on the show, therefore, it didn't become official until the latest episode. I literally just said above that the sourcing was removed (i.e. references to videos and interviews that stated Lauren created force fields). I never said anything about removing force fields from all the pages yet. So, I'm not understanding where your confusing lies. I can't make myself any clearer than I already have.

      I confirmed the quote on difficulty with other materials. It's in episode 1. Was that so hard? - I have no idea what you're even referring to with this statement. Was what so hard? I already gave you the full quote above.

      What needs to be sourced, is sourced. Everything doesn't need to be sourced tho. Why would I reference Lauren's ability to a video or interview when its already been proven in the show? That makes no sense. This is my final rely as this thread is making less and less sense with each response.

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    • Do you have a supervisor or something?

      You can't say you won't update something until it follows your definition of offical canon, when the terminology "force field" never followed that criteria. It came from promotional materials. And when promotional materials contradicted it, you halfheartedly changed it but kept the phrasing.

      We are on this rodeo because you kept force field generation as a sub power of molecular manipulation, instead of removing the phrase from the entire wiki. You chose to conflate the term shield with force field for no apparent reason.

      This is why I mention sourcing. I wanted to figure out your viewpoint. How you reached the conclusion that a woman who pushes particles with mass together is capable of generating massless energy fields. Especially since the term is never used in the show.

      A full quote is not just text. It includes the episode number. People need to know where ideas are coming from. Everything needs a source. Even if thats as simple as listing which episode it happens in.

      You don't seem to get this concept. 

      You edited Shatter's wiki page to say he can crystalize other objects, and provided no citation. This hasn't happened in the show. It seems to happen in the comics, but the characters are not neccesarily identical.

      If this show last several seasons your attitude is toxic. People shouldn't have to rewatch all the past episodes to find out what someone is talking about in an edit.

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  • I think we should refrain from using the term "Hounds", until the show actually uses it to refer to the brainwashed mutants working for Sentinel Services.

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  • What mutant alter-ego's should we give Andy and Lauren Strucker? (they have to be based on their powers)

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  • I uploaded video by accident. Could you delete it please?

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  • I created the 7/15 article, but I'm not sure what to categorise it as. Any thoughts?

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  • Paula returned in Boxed In both in flashback in start and showed her talking on phone. Requesting restoration/undeletion.

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    • Sure. But only if you plan on expanding to it. A nearly empty page does the wiki no good.

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    • I was going to mention she came back. Nearly empty does a lil' good. Others are more eloquent with elaborations.

      Is it too soon to spoil what just happened? I wrote mid-watching and her meeting with husband at end is a big reveal of what interrupting Dreamer did.

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    • I restored the page hours ago. Not sure why its still showing as a dead link here, here it is though; Paula

      Not sure what you mean by too soon. We update pages here immediately after the episode airs.

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