Matthew Montez is a recurring character on The Gifted. His a prominent United States Senator and an anti-mutant activist, his slogan is "Human Choices for a Human Future".

Early Life Edit

Two months prior to Exploited, Senator Montez held a re-election rally and gave an anti-mutant speech, He talked about how mutant crime is at an all-time high and about how he created laws to punish mutants who use their powers to do harm and promised to continue fighting aganist mutants if he will be re-elected. After his rally, Montez ran into Stacy, one of his assistants, She asked him if she could attend a meeting with people from Trask Industries along with him, and he agreed. After he went back talking to his campaign manager he received a phone call from Sentinel Services notifying him that they have arrested a number of mutants who have infiltrated the rally, Immediately after that he noticed that Stacy has disappeared and asked his campaign manager about her whereabouts, unaware that she was actually a telepathic mutant who was warned about the raid.

Caitlin’s brother, Daniel Reynolds, worked for Senator Montez during his re-election campaign.

Season 1Edit

Personality Edit

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Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Absent
rX Absent
eXodus Mentioned
eXit Strategy Absent
boXed in Absent
got your siX Absent
eXtreme measures Absent
threat of eXtinction Absent
outfoX Absent
eXploited Flashback
3 X 1 Mentioned
eXtraction Appears
X-roads Appears

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