I don't understand why that thing is even here. She gets loose, she can kill everyone.
— Mark to Lauren[src]

Mark, also known as Bulk, is a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. He is a mutant with superhuman strength.

He was a member of the Mutant Underground before switching allegiances and joining the Hellfire Club following the destruction of the Mutant Underground Headquarters.

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Season 1Edit

In "threat of eXtinction", Mark was with a group of mutant refugees that hid in a shed at Eternal Grace Church, where they waited to be escorted to the Mutant Underground. Later on at the Mutant Underground Headquarters, Mark complained about keeping Chloe out of a cage, so Lauren told him to calm down and wait until they could find out who Chloe really was. Since Mark was really angry, Andy showed up and told him to talk to him if he had something to say. When Mark tried to fight him, Andy used his powers and Mark backed off telling him and Lauren to be careful.

In "X-Roads", Mark helped Caitlin Strucker and Shatter to create an escape tunnel after Sentinel Services found the Mutant Underground Headquarters. He used his strength to break through the wall and transmutated concrete to make a path to the outside for everyone to escape in.

He was with the others when they fell back to one of the Underground's weigh stations. He was silent as he listened to everyone argue about what to do next since their headquarters was gone. When Polaris and Esme Frost came to them and started to preach that the Underground's actions weren't going to give them results, he decided to leave the Underground and join the Hellfire Club along with Fade, Sage, and Andy Strucker.

Personality Edit

Little is known of Mark though he is a protector of his people. He displayed great concern when Chloe Tan, a Hound that the Underground had apprehended, was brought into the station. Mark also saw to it that the refugees escaped the grasp of Sentinel Services when he punched his way through the bank vault, leading to the outside. However, despite his willingness to save the people of the Underground, he did not hesitate to join the Hellfire Club when offered the chance.

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Mark is a man of tall stature with a muscular build. He has brown eyes, a shaved head with a goatee and a tan complexion.

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  • Superhuman Strength: Mark possesses extreme physical strength, shown when he punched through the crystallized bank vault wall of Headquarters.

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