You know when you put your hand out of the window of a moving car, you can feel the air, and guide it? I can push the air together. Water, too, other stuff, it's just harder.
— Lauren to Andy

Lauren Strucker is a main character on The Gifted. She is the mutant daughter of Caitlin and Reed Strucker. She has inherited the same ability to manipulate matter at a molecular level, which manifests as barriers of compressed air (otherwise known as shields), from one of the Fenris twins.

She had known for years that she was a mutant. However, she kept this secret from everyone, including her family, in fear that her father would send her away to a detention center for mutants. It was only when her brother Andy had lashed out with his powers and showed that he was a mutant that she finally revealed that she was a mutant herself.

Character Description Edit

"Smart, pretty, popular, organized and already ahead on her college applications, Lauren is the model of a perfect kid."[1]

Early Life Edit

Lauren and her family were almost killed by a car accident, however, she was able to prevent the accident by triggering her mutant abilities. For weeks, her mother had been saying that it had been a miracle that they hadn't been killed that day while Lauren knew the truth.

For years she was forced to keep her powers a secret, smiling and pretending that everything was normal, when she knew that it wasn't. She had been content to wait until she turned 18 and graduate from high school before moving some place far away, like Florence.

Season 1Edit


Caitlin, Lauren. and Andy at the diner table

In eXposed, Lauren joined her brother, Andy Strucker, and her mother, Caitlin Strucker at dinner after Facetiming with her boyfriend Jack. Her father couldn't make it because he was called in to interview a suspect at the Garland Detention Center. Caitlin asked Andy how his day was at school, to which he talked about a debate they had in social studies class about the law they wanted to enforce to test people with the X-gene and monitor them. He mentioned someone in the class who freaked out, Andy's guess was that his cousin was a "mutie". Lauren, angered by such a derogatory term, tells Andy how racist he sounded. They got into an argument before their mother interjected, complaining about how they couldn't have one normal conversation.

Lauren made plans to see her boyfriend at the school dance and when she got into her car she found Andy in the passenger seat. She refused to take him with her because he neglected to tell their parents about attending the party and chose, instead, to sneak out. Andy reassured her that his disappearance wouldn't trace back to her as he could make an excuse that he just went to Ian's. Despite being bullied at school, he still wanted to attend the school dance because he felt like he was being raised like a veal, cooped up in the house. Upon hearing this, Lauren reluctantly told him to buckle up as they headed for school.


Lauren using a barrier to shield her from falling debris

As they entered the dance, music boomed all around the gymnasium as students crowded the dance floor. Lauren's boyfriend, Jack, appeared and kissed Lauren. Andy decided to separate himself from them as he made his way toward the bleachers. As Jack and Lauren danced, Lauren noticed her brother, Andy, and some other guys entering the locker rooms. After a while, the school suddenly began shaking as the intensity increased, soon the lights and ceiling fixtures began to explode and fall, prompting students at the dance to run out of the school. Lauren refused to evacuate, going the opposite direction as the moving crowd, in an attempt to find her brother. As she advanced toward the locker room, she used abilities to shield herself and other students from falling debris. Seeing Andy's tormentors exit the locker room she ran inside and found her brother in the middle of the showers screaming with the faucets bent backward and the entire room trembling and falling apart. Lauren calmed Andy enough to stop his wild fit and the two exited the school and ran straight home.


Andy and Lauren explaining the incident at school

Once home Andy and Lauren told their mother what happened. In disbelief, their mother asked how this could happen. Lauren quickly came to Andy's defense saying this was beyond Andy's control as the X-Gene was triggered in moments of stress or danger and she knew this because she had a secret of her own, she revealed that she was a mutant and had been hiding her abilities for three years after they first manifested when she saved the family from a near-fatal car accident. Caitlin's naivete showed as she assured her children that her and their father were not against mutants right before Agent Jace Turner and Agent Weeks from Sentinel Services knocked on the door.

They told Caitlin that they were there to apprehend Andy and Lauren, when Caitlin refused to comply, they forced their way into the Strucker house, knocking Caitlin down in the process. Andy began to shake the house and told the agents to leave. Jace Turner urged Andy to calm down, and to come with him for questioning but as Andy grew angrier, the shaking intensified, forcing the Agents to draw their weapons. However, Lauren obstructed their path with a barrier, which in return gave Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren enough time to escape in the family's van. Attempting to flee in the family van with agents surrounding them, Andy tried to use his powers but couldn't seem to control them. Lauren created a shield between the van and the agents and the family escaped.


The Struckers at a Diner on the outskirts of Atlanta

Reed Strucker met his family in a diner and began his professional evaluation of the situation, asking Andy if he wasn't the one who initiated it. Caitlin reminded him that it wasn't a deposition and that a legal understanding of the matter would do little to help against Sentinel Services. When she mentioned the Sentinel Services' part in all of this, he finally understood the life and death reality of the situation. Sentinel Services was a federal agency with little oversight that has "disappeared" mutant suspects in the past and he wouldn't allow that to happen to his children. The only reason they got away, was that Sentinel Services didn't have enough time to put a full team together. Soon, the pressure would pick up, and they needed to find someplace safe, not, as Caitlin suggested, that they stay with her sister, Jenny in Phoenix, but Reed was thinking more along the lines of someplace with less strict mutant laws, like Mexico. Reed promised to figure something out, as Lauren leans on him for comfort.


Lauren shielding Andy from the exploding vending machine

At Caravan Motel Andy and Lauren discussed their powers and Andy's frustration with his inability to control them. Lauren told Andy that with time he will learn to control them and demonstrated her ability by knocking popcorn lose from a vending machine and encouraging Andy to do the same. When he attempted this, initially having some control, his powers escalated when his emotions from the incident at the dance took over, resulting in the machine being destroyed.

With everything going as planned, the Struckers met up with Eclipse in an abandoned warehouse facility. From there, Eclipse would get them food, water, and blankets before heading down to the border, though Caitlin refused to go any further until she knew all of what he has planned for her family. Eclipse explained that he knew people down by the border with a specific set of skills, that'd allow them to get people under, over, or even through the wall. Once that was done, they'd get them new IDs. There were also churches of people who would help them. Unfortunately, their plans never initiated as it didn't take long before they were surrounded by Sentinel Services, and ordered to the ground. Thunderbird and Blink came to their rescue.


Lauren crying as her father is left behind

The seven of them sprinted through the warehouse, as Sentinel Services unleashed their mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels, which Thunderbird saw coming ahead of time due to his foresight. When they were cornered, Eclipse and Lauren were able to keep them behind, using their mutant abilities, while Blink created a portal for them all to retreat through that led to the Mutant Underground Headquarters. Everyone, except Andy and Reed, went through the portal. With Andy hyper-focused on destroying the sentinels, he telekinetically forced them to explode before joining the others through the portal. Blink couldn't hold the portal open for much longer, but while Reed was waiting for his son to enter the portal, he got shot before he got the chance to enter the portal after Andy, as Blink had to shut the portal because it was too for much her to bear. Lauren cried after the portal shut, as Reed was left for capture on the other side.


Andy and Lauren at the bowling alley

In rX, one year ago, Lauren went out to the bowling alley for family night with her mother, father, brother, and grandmother. Lauren went up directly after Andy who scored a strike. She rolled the ball down the aisle, hitting only nine out of the ten pins. However, on her way back to her seat, she subtly waved her hand in a swiping motion, knocking over the tenth pin, thus awarding her a strike. Moments later, Lauren bared witness to an altercation one lane over between a father, his mutant daughter, and the obnoxious group of people that were heckling her because of her mutation, which caused her to vibrate uncontrollably. Lauren looked to her father, hoping he would step in, but as far as her mother was concerned, it was none of their business. The incident only escalated from there. Between all the yelling from the mutant girl's father, and the cruel group of individuals making fun of her, the girl temporarily lost control of her powers, and in doing so, her screams to calm the commotion resulted in a huge gust of wind forming. It was then that Reed decided to intervene, suggesting that the man leave with his mutant daughter before the situation worsened. Reed then returned to his family, though Lauren was unsatisfied with the outcome, questioning why the mutant girl and her father had to leave when they were the ones being attacked.


Andy and Lauren wanting to go back for their father

Present day, after crossing over through Blink's portal, Lauren screamed out for her father who had been shot by Sentinel Services and left behind in the abandoned warehouse. Lauren repeatedly asked Blink where her father was, but Blink failed to respond given that she was barely conscious, and as Eclipse explained, they knew no more than anyone else. After learning from Thunderbird that they had been taken to the Headquarters for the Mutant Underground, Lauren, Andy, and Caitlin demanded that they go back for Reed. However, even if they could get back, doing so would be suicide. It wouldn't help Reed if they all ended up getting killed. So, for the time being, they were to focus all their attention on helping Blink, who had grown ill from the extended teleportation.


John shielding Andy and Lauren

Lauren interrupted John and Marcos' discussion to inform them that something was wrong with Clarice. Her mother, who was a nurse, explained that Clarice was in respiratory distress, and her temperature was spiking. With her having portalled for miles, they concluded that it must've taken a massive amount of energy. Unfortunately, despite the size of the network, a doctor is one thing they didn't have. The only thing they could offer Clarice was first-aid and pain killers. With that, Marcos wondered if Caitlin could do anything to help, though she was unsure given that she only took a one-week course on human variant medicine in school. However, Lauren stepped in to reassure her mother that she could help Clarice, especially since she had just saved them. Clarice's abilities then began to manifest on their own. With Clarice's body in shock, it was making her system unstable, thus effecting her abilities. In order to stabilize Clarice's powers, they needed access to medication and medical supplies. Clarice's powers manifested again, this time creating a portal to an unknown road, a portal that was large enough for the back end of a pick-up truck to come hurling through. Fortunately, with John's physical invulnerability, he was able to shield Lauren and Andy from any harm.


Lauren closing the portal

After John helped Lauren and Andy back to their feet, Lauren rushed over to check on her mom, who had been hurt during the crash. John and Marcos then moved Clarice to a table, where her abilities manifested once more and began to have a physical strain on her body. Another portal opened to the same road as before. With this, a problem emerged, as armed civilians from the road could see into the Underground. While Marcos was prepared to fight, John would rather avoid confrontation, as would Lauren, who stepped in front of the two of them, and used her shields to forcefully close the portal. While she didn't think it would work, she figured it was worth a shot. However, with Clarice's condition worsening, another portal could very well open. John then asked Caitlin if they got her the medicine she required, could she help Clarice from the station. Unfortunately, the medication she required could only be found at a hospital, in the Pyxis machine. Taking this into consideration, Marcos hoped to take Caitlin to the nearest hospital to retrieve the required medicine while Lauren stayed back to close the portals, should they return.


Lauren closing another portal

The next day, with their mother off with Marcos to retrieve Clarice's medicine, Andy and Lauren learned from John that Clarice was a refugee that escaped from jail before they found her. Lauren asked what she did to deserve incarceration. According to John, Clarice was apprehended after using a portal to steal food from the back of a supermarket. It happened often with mutants who couldn't pass as humans. They usually couldn't get jobs, and one thing led to another. Clarice then unknowingly opened another portal to the same road as before. This time, the road was aligned with Atlanta PD. Fortunately, Lauren was able to close the portal, though she experienced more trouble with closing it this time around. John then headed out for a moment, instructing Lauren to yell if anything else happened. As she went over to check on Clarice, Andy told her that what she was doing was insane, but in a good way. He then asked if mutants drank soda because he was feeling thirsty, to which Lauren replied that they were mutants


Lauren failing to close the portal

With Clarice burning up, John suggested that they begin to evacuate the Underground, though Sonya disagreed with his decision. Just as S.W.A.T arrived on site, another portal began to emerge, forcing Lauren, who was already exhausted from the last time, to close it again. Unfortunately, with Clarice's condition worsening and Lauren growing weaker each time she used her abilities, she failed to close the portal, and so she was knocked back into the wall, where Sonya helped her up. With the portal wide open, the S.W.A.T team slowly approached. As one member entered through the portal, John dispatched of him fairly quickly, before throwing him back outside of the portal. Andy then ran out in front and in a display of great power, sent every officer flying backward into the air, as well as Clarice, who was knocked to the floor, and fell unconscious, though it had seemed that knocking her out caused the portal to close. However, after the closing of that single portal, many opened in its place within headquarters. John then instructed Lauren, Andy, and Sonya to evacuate the building.


Lauren greeting her mother

Lauren and Andy stood on the steps of the station, helping refugees evacuate as their mother and Marcos returned from the hospital with the supplies they needed to save Clarice. Lauren greeted her mother with a hug, though the reunion was short lived, as Caitlin had to go back inside to give Clarice her medication, despite Lauren and Andy pleading with her to stay with them.

Later that night, as the Underground recovered from Clarice's portals, Lauren and Andy sat with their mother, who told them that she was proud of them both for their heroic actions. As for their father, Caitlin assured them that he would be found. A lot of people had been fighting the war for a long time, and now it was their turn. They would fight to bring not only their father home, but to bring everyone home.


Andy and Lauren playing Monopoly

In eXodus, Lauren and Andy set up a game of Monopoly, during which time they discovered that the money was covered in mold. Since then ten dollar bills were stuck together, they decided to use the ones as tens, and the paper nubs as ones. However, none of it mattered to Lauren given that she was going to win it all in the end. Though, Andy reminded her of the last time they played, which apparently resulted in Andy winning. However, Lauren claimed that she let him win because it was his birthday. She then decided to be the nickel, while Andy reached for the shoe, which Lauren opposed because their father was always the shoe, telling Andy to be the battle cap instead.


Andy and Lauren demanding to accompany their mother

Lauren and Andy were awakened from their sleep, late in the night by their mother, who told them that she was leaving for their uncle Danny's house, but she would be back tomorrow, even though there were clear rules against leaving as it could compromise the station. Caitlin was hoping that he could help locate their father. But, as Lauren reminded her mother, they hadn't seen their uncle since their grandmother's funeral. Furthermore, there was no way that Andy or Lauren were going to allow their mother to leave alone. If Sentinel Services were to try and apprehend her, she needed someone to protect her. "We already lost dad, we can't lose you too". Lauren said. After realizing that she was better off with them than without them, Caitlin agreed. And so, the three of them quietly sneaked out the station that night, going unnoticed as they headed into the woods.


Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren headed to uncle Danny's house

With uncle Danny living across town, they needed to catch a cab, otherwise they would be noticed on the street. But a cab to Buckhead was expensive, and with their mother having no funds to spend due to their frozen bank accounts, she had not the slightest clue on how they would get there. Andy suggested that they "unfreeze" their funds by robbing the bank, leaving both Lauren and Caitlin in disbelief that he would even suggest such an absurd idea. Lauren tried to explain that they couldn't be committing crimes if they ever stood a chance of having a normal life again, though Andy wasn't interested in her false hope in regaining normality in their lives, stating that normal was gone and that it didn't exist anymore. Andy then used his destructive abilities to rip open the parking meters, causing money to spill everywhere, thus providing them with cab fare.


Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren arriving at uncle Danny's house

Lauren, Andy, and Caitlin caught a cab out to their uncle Danny's house, where he greeted Caitlin with a hug, and invited everyone in after informing them that the police had stopped by the house after the incident at the school. While their mother spoke to their uncle about their current predicament, Lauren and Andy chatted with their cousin, Scott, who was fascinated with the idea of them being mutants. He asked if they had to fight off cops while on the run. Lauren explained that it wasn't like that. They mostly ran, but they destroyed a few Sentinels along the way, Andy added. Scott then asked if they had been hiding out on the streets. No. Lauren replied. She went on to tell him about the Mutant Underground, and how they came to the aid of persecuted mutants. Disturbed by their topic of conversation, uncle Danny suggested that they play video games instead.


Lauren "insta-stalking" Jack

While on her tablet, "insta-stalking" Jack, as Andy put it, Andy and Scott played video games, during which time Scott became increasingly intrigued with Andy's abilities and his limitations. Scott then asked Andy to use his powers to destroy his softball trophy, though Andy declined, stating that he could only do it when he's angry, but Lauren interjected, stating that he couldn't do it at all, and that Scott should stop encouraging him. While scrolling on Instagram, Lauren made a startling discovery. It was a post of their home, which had been vandalized by Lucas, someone that Andy had gone to school with since the second grade. Seeing this. Andy grew angry, so much so that he tore Scott's trophy apart. Their mother then entered the room after hearing the noise created by Scott's nearly dismembered trophy. Lauren claimed that everything was fine, and that Andy and Scott were just roughhousing. Andy asked if uncle Danny was going to help them, to which their mother replied that they were working on it.


Andy and Lauren being led to safety

The next morning, Lauren and Andy came downstairs to find Thunderbird and Eclipse in the living room. They had come to bring Lauren, Andy and Caitlin back to the station, as they weren't safe anywhere else, proven by the angry mob that arrived outside soon thereafter. As for how the mob even knew they were at uncle Danny's house, Scott revealed that he texted the picture of the torn apart trophy to one of his friends that swore he wouldn't tell anyone else. They were surrounded. While Thunderbird could get them through a wall, if the mob out front started shooting while they ran, a fight would surely ensue. Andy questioned why they should run in the first place, given that they could easily take down a few men with guns, though Lauren wasn't so sure, referring to them as an army. However, Thunderbird agreed with Andy in the sense that they could easily handle the mob. However, that would result in people dying, which they sought to avoid. Hoping to avoid any further altercation as well, uncle Danny went out to calm Chuck Sanders and the mob. After Chuck hit Danny with his rifle, Andy hit back, sending out a wave of destructive telekinetic energy, knocking the mob back. Chuck stood to his feet, and aimed his rifle at Andy, though Thunderbird luckily got Andy out of the line of fire while Eclipse shot a ray of light at Chuck's gun, forcing him to drop it. They then took advantage of this opportunity, getting into the SUV while Eclipse kept the mob at bay.


Lauren trying to shield the SUV from the bullets

Despite making it to the SUV, and driving off, they were still being pursued by the "local mutant welcoming group". On their way back to Headquarters, Thunderbird and Eclipse called Dreamer, hoping that she could devise a plan to to save them, as they couldn't afford a fight, especially one that would leaves corpses. The SUV was repeatedly shot at, and unfortunately, Lauren couldn't shield what she couldn't see, thus rendering her useless against the gunfire. With that being said, Caitlin instructed Lauren and Andy to stay down. Luckily, it would seem that Dreamer was successful in coming up with plan. With the pursuit still in full form, they rounded the corner to the sight of Blink, standing in the middle of the road, holding open a portal large enough for the entire truck to fit through. After passing through the portal, they found themselves just outside the entrance of the Underground with everyone miraculously unharmed.


Underground meeting to rescue Lorna and Reed

In eXit strategy, Lauren sat alongside her brother and mother in joining the rest of the Underground as John and Marcos informed them of Lorna and her father's location; they were being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services regional Headquarters, and would soon be relocated to an ultra secure facility, which the Underground didn't have much insight on beyond the fact that the people who go there, don't come back, thus forcing their hand in attacking the Sentinel Services head on. Unfortunately, they lost six people the last time they went up against them directly, which was the cause for so many reluctant members in going up against Sentinel Services this time around. Not to mention that they failed in taking down a simple relocation center with a few guard towers. They didn't stand a chance of infiltrating a prison, whose systems had improved. As Sage explained, they had an 86.5% chance of failure, but if they did nothing, then there's was a 100% chance of never seeing them again. Caitlin then stepped forward, pleading with anyone who was willing to assist in the rescue mission. Unfortunately, only Sonya, Harry and Clarice were up for the task.

Afterward, Lauren and Andy sat on their beds, discussing how everyone chose not to assist in the mission to save their father. They were screwed, as far as Andy was concerned, though their mother was opposed to such thinking. However, it was time for them to face facts; nobody was on their side. Not to mention that the mission was a huge risk. But, as their mother explained, sometimes you have to take a risk, and hope for the best.


Lauren and Andy combining their powers

The next day, after learning that there was a convoy of military vehicles that were taking her father and Lorna to a military airport, and that the team planned on intercepting the convoy in a warehouse district by stopping the transport bus, Lauren headed out to find Andy, hoping that the two of them could work together in finding out a way to stop the bus without arousing suspicion. Lauren asked if Andy could break the wheel off a truck after recalling his stunt with the parking meters. Unfortunately, Andy explained that he only meant to break one meter, but he broke several instead, meaning his powers were imprecise, and could result in him tearing the entire bus apart with their father in it. Hearing this, Lauren suggested they use her ability to act as an element of precision and focus to Andy's destructive abilities. She told him to aim for the lamp post. As Andy pulled at the lamp post, Lauren used her shields to focus his destructive telekinetic fields, thus resulting in a more precise attack, causing the light to burst.


Lauren pleading with her mother to join the convoy attack

Lauren and Andy immediately informed John and their mother of this incredible feat, even demonstrating the ability on the tire of an old and abandoned cab, which impressed John enough for him to ask if they were capable of doing it from a longer range, which they could. The best part was that no one would see where it came from. However, their mother was against using them as child soldiers to attack a convoy. John and Andy stayed back while Lauren pleaded with her mother. Lauren admitted that she was scared, as was her mother, but it was Caitlin that told them that sometimes they had to takes risks. They wanted to fight, no matter what, even if it meant facing trained men with guns. Lauren reminded her mother how she constantly told them that there were always things worth fighting for. Was that all just talk, Lauren asked. While she was still hesitant, their mother eventually agreed to allow them to stop the transport bus, but only if John could guarantee her that Lauren and Andy wouldn't be in harms way.


Andy and Lauren combining their powers to stop the bus

The next day, on one of the rooftops of the warehouse district, Lauren, Andy and Caitlin got in position, While awaiting the convoy's arrival, Lauren noticed her mother struggling with the medical supplies, so she volunteered to help. After Andy commented how strangely quiet it was, Lauren recalled that it was Sunday, which was the same day of the football team's fundraiser breakfast, which she was suppose to make corn muffins for, but stopping a government operated convoy was the furthest thing from that. As the convoy approached, Lauren and Andy prepared to use their combined powers to disengage the transport bus, however, Andy failed to come through on his end. Hoping to motivate him through anger, Lauren blamed Andy for ruining their lives, antagonizing him even further by claiming the bullies who tormented him were right about him. She then challenged Andy to prove them wrong. Allowing his rage to fuel his power, Andy and Lauren attacked the tire of the transport bus, and successfully brought it to an abrupt stop. Afterward, Lauren apologized for attacking him, commenting that he was better when he was angry, Having succeeding on their end of the mission, Lauren, Andy, and Caitlin prepared to leave the area.


Lauren and Andy separating from their mother

Lauren, Andy, and Caitlin heard gunshots firing all around the warehouse district as they headed back towards their SUV. However, upon arrival, they discovered a Sentinel Services agent examining the vehicle. Lauren attempted to take him out with a shield, but her powers were deactivated, forcing Caitlin to take matters into her own hands. She approached the agent up from behind, and inject him with an unknown substance, that immediately rendered him unconscious. Caitlin then handed Lauren the keys and told her to take the car, and go without her. What about you, Lauren asked. Her mother revealed that she was going after their father alone, because she didn't want to lose the two of them as well. However, they didn't agree with her decision to go alone. Their mother planned to find their father, and meet them back at Headquarters, but for the time being, she needed Lauren and Andy to leave. The three of them then shared a hug, and parted ways.

In boXed in, Lauren and Andy are reunited with their father at the station, where they ran into his arms to greet him with a hug.


Lauren and Andy learning of their father's deal with Sentinel Services

Upon her parents' return, Lauren informed them that Sentinel Services shot Harry during the convoy attack, and that a lot of people were in bad condition after Sentinel Services raided every place suspected of being mutant sympathizers. As they headed down the stairs, her father was attacked by Fade, who accused him of working with Sentinel Services to set up the Underground for attack. Fortunately, John arrived to break up the fight, before instructing everyone to calm down. Lauren was the first to admit that while her father used to prosecute mutants, he stood up to Sentinel Services when he found out about them being mutants. However, Lauren was unaware that her father had wore a tracker into Fade's bar. Reed then stepped forward to apologize for his actions, reasoning that he did what he had to do in order to get back to his family.


Lauren and Andy in the vault

Lauren and Andy then followed their mother into the vault, where Harry would be treated for his gunshot wounds. After noticing that they were drawing a lot of unwanted attention from the refugees, Lauren instructed Andy to ignore them, but he believed it was time for them to leave, as they had overstayed their welcome. However, as Lauren explained, they had no place to go. Rather than running, she suggested that they get the refugees to trust them. Their mother then called them over to assist with aiding Harry.

As Lauren applied pressure to Harry's wounds, they discovered that they were running out of supplies, Saline to be exact, which left Andy wondering if Harry was going to survive. Their mother explained that in order to properly treat Harry, she needed actual blood, during which time Andy offered to donate his blood given that he was 0-negative, a universal donor.


Lauren placing a shield in Harry to save his life

With time running out and Harry's condition worsening, they could no longer postpone the removal of the bullet. While her mother was far from being a surgeon, they had no other option. Lauren was told to keep pressure on the entry wound by her mother while she made a midline incision to remove the bullet, which had been lodged fairly deep. Lauren watched as her mother, equipped with a scalpel, sliced Harry's stomach open wide. After removing the bullet, Harry began to bleed profusely. He was hemorrhaging, meaning that an artery must have been cut. Unfortunately, her mother wasn't capable of stopping the bleeding without a cross-clamp. Hoping to apply pressure, and stop the bleeding with one of her shields, Lauren asked her mother to show her where the nicked artery was located. After getting the shield in place, Lauren instructed Caitlin to sew Harry up while she continued to apply pressure via her shield. Fortunately, it seemed as if all their efforts had paid off, as Harry would survive. In the process of saving him, they had also earned the trust of the refugees who quietly watched from afar.


Strucker family dinner

That night, just as Lauren prepared for dinner with Andy and their mother, her father returned from his mission with Fade, to redirect the police search from the station. All four of them sat around the table, enjoying their first meal together, as a family, in quite some time. Andy then asked what was next for them, if they were still headed for Mexico since that was the initial plan. However, leaving the station wasn't of much concern given that it still wasn't safe to travel due to the heavy police presence. Their father had also been talking to some of the people around the station who had questions about the Sentinel Services, which he could help them with. So, for the time being, that would mean that they're were staying at the Underground, especially considering that they could use all the help they could get.


Lauren meeting Wes

In got your siX, Lauren and Andy were tasked with handing out supplies to the new wave of refugees that had arrived at the station. Andy was grateful that they at least gotten beds before the rush, but as Lauren reminded him, they were the reason for the rush. Sentinel Services was looking for them, thus making it their fault. As Andy headed back down to get more water, Lauren was approached by a refugee named Wes, with the ability of image manipulation. He asked Lauren for her name, though she wasn't interested in conversation given that she was busy with the refugees. What if you were already done, Wes asked, as he seemed to have magically made a once crowded room of unsettled refugees into a secure sleeping quarters within seconds, though this was merely a mirage, which Lauren disrupted upon touch. While she was impressed with his ability, she still had refugees to attend to.

Lauren watched from the window above as Andy and her father geared up to leave with Marcos for the Federal building in Baton Rouge to uncover the top secret program that Sentinel Services had been working on. She was joined by Wes, who asked if everything was okay. She explained that their current predicament was weird considering that three weeks ago, their craziest family outing was to Six Flags. With the way things were going, Lauren wasn't sure about anything anymore, though she didn't have time to talk about it with work piling up.


Skyler, Wes, Lauren, and Naya at training

After ensuring that the refugees were taken care of, Lauren joined Wes, Naya, and Skyler for training with Lorna. In the real world, they would be playing for keeps, so the same rules applied during training. Skyler stepped forward as Lorna grabbed a hammer from a toolbox. She asked if he was ready before launching the hammer in his direction. Prepared for the attack, Skyler was able to repel the hammer. Wes then volunteered to be next up, creating an illusion in the shape of flowers to appear in place of Lorna's metal tools. While the others were amused, this angered Lorna, who then scolded Wes for his childish behavior. Despite all that had happened, they still couldn't grasp the dangers they were facing. Lauren was then instructed to come forward as it was her turn. Though, she was prepared for whatever Lorna had to throw at her, Caitlin would not stand for it, stepping in front of Lauren, and openly opposing Lorna's dangerous training methods. Lauren begged her mother to be allowed to participate in the training session, but Caitlin refused once more, telling Lauren to come with her.


Wes cheering Lauren up with an illusion of Rome.

Lauren was later taken to the "office furniture graveyard" by Wes, who hoped that they could take a break together. While Lauren was hesitant in joining him since she had told her mother that she'd be right back, she agreed to take a brief break with Wes, during which time he asked about her mother and her reaction to the training session. Lauren explained that her mother didn't understand her powers because she had just found out about them three weeks ago, even though Lauren's powers had manifested years before. Wes questioned why Lauren would hide her true self for all that time. Lauren replied that she wanted a normal life, though to Wes, Lauren's situation of pretending that she was normal when she knew she wasn't, was worse, which she agreed with. She told him that it was terrible, pretending as if everything was fine while secretly counting down the days until graduation, where she could move far away to someplace like Florence. But with the way her life was going, that was never going to happen. Wes then created an illusion of Florence before her very eyes. Even the water was moving, which was something he'd never done before. Wes suspected that he was better when with Lauren. Unfortunately, what Wes thought was Florence, was actually Rome, which Lauren pointed out, as she could see the Vatican, though she told him that it was beautiful just the same, before leaving.


Lauren coming up with a plan to save her dad, Andy, and Marcos

Lauren, Caitlin and Lorna learned from John that Marcos, Andy, and her father were headed into an ambush after successfully recovering the secret files from the Baton Rouge Federal building. Unfortunately, they were hemmed in, making it impossible for them to reroute. As for how they even ended up in that predicament, Lorna explained that the cops stopped them on their way to Baton Rouge. While they didn't find anything, the driver said he was going to Denver, so they were marked by the tollway cameras when spotted in Baton Rouge. Lauren then devised a plan to save them, which they needed Wes for, given that his ability to create illusions would come in handy with fooling the police. Lauren also wanted to join them, reasoning that if her plan didn't work, they'd need her. However, the only thing stopping her was her mother, who eventually agreed to let her go.


Polaris and Lorna stopping to roadblock

Lauren, Polaris, and Wes arrived at the stadium to get a skyline view of the roadblock being set up by police and Sentinel Services, in preparation for Andy, Reed, and Eclipse's arrival. While on the phone with Eclipse, Polaris instructed him to tell the driver to keep going, no matter what, and that they would handle the rest. How are they going to get through that roadblock, Lauren wondered. Your shields, Polaris replied. But whether or not they were strong enough for a truck to drive over was a question that not even Lauren could answer. Polaris told her to focus, and forget about everything except the target. After that, it was up to Wes. Sentinel Services made several request for them to pull the vehicle over, but as instructed, the driver kept going. As the truck neared the roadblock, Lauren formed a row of shields on the road, acting as a ramp, which propelled the truck clear over the roadblock with no difficulty. Wes then created an illusion of the truck going down two separate paths, all while cloaking the real truck that kept driving ahead.


Wes and Lauren over the mountains

In eXtreme measures, Lauren had been taken out to the roof, and onto the scaffolding by Wes, who insisted that he had something to show her. Lauren wanted to head back inside out of fear that they would be seen on the roof, which was a forbidden area, though Wes didn't seem too concerned. So, Lauren accused him of being a text box bad influence. But after some convincing, she agreed to join Wes further onto the scaffold, looking over, only to see the ground. Wes told her to close her eyes, as he grabbed her arms, and placed them in an outward motion. After creating an illusion of the two of them being high up in the air, over a river in the mountains, Lauren and Wes leaned over the rail, to simulate flying. It was gorgeous, she remarked. However, the closets Wes had ever been to the mountains was the Nature channel. They then leaned in to share a kiss, but were interrupted by Andy, who came to get Lauren for lunch, at their mother's request.

Lauren and Andy made their way downstairs, joining their mother for lunch, though she was curious as to what took them so long. Andy told their mother that he couldn't find Lauren, so he looked on the roof, which again, was off limits, but he then covered for Lauren by saying that he didn't find her there either. Thinking fast on her feet, Lauren told their mother that she was downstairs in the supply room, where she had lost track of time. Caitlin then asked about the homework she had assigned them. However, neither Lauren nor Andy took her serious when she assigned it. Unfortunately, this was the deal they had made with their mother. If they wanted to train, they'd have to study as well.


Reed and Caitlin presenting Lauren with Wes' file

Lauren later met with her parents who needed to talk to her about Wes. Lauren initially suspected it was about her dating life, and how they didn't want her to be with a mutant, though this was incorrect. She was then handed by her father, one of many criminal files that he had been going through from Baton Rouge. This particular file belonged to Wes, or so they believed, and the accused was wanted for several crimes. Not only did the artist description of the mutant greatly resemble Wes, but the ability listed was "Image Manipulation". The same as Wes, In spite of all this evidence being presented, Lauren refused to believe that it was his file. But even if it was, she made a point that they've all broken the law. However, as her father pointed out, their family running from Sentinel Services isn't remotely similar to Wes conning the owner of a jewelry store for his own profit. This angered Lauren, as she accused her father of being the same man he had always been for attacking Wes despite having no concrete proof to support his claims. Her father quickly grew angry as well, insisting that she look at the situation through clear eyes, though Lauren no longer wished to speak with him, abruptly storming out the room.


Lauren confronting Wes about his file

Although, she didn't want to ask, Lauren knew that it had to be done. So, she approached Wes with knowledge of the police file to ask if he was the wanted mutant fugitive that was being depicted. He confessed that he was indeed the mutant from the file. His excuse was that he was a mess after his parents kicked him out. He was living in shelters and eating out of dumpsters until he was found by a group of guys that allowed him to join their crew. He was merely their front man, essentially tasked with covering things up and tricking people. Lauren was especially frustrated with Wes' actions after he had just told her not to hide her powers, having made it seem as if he used his all the time because he was proud of who he was. Wes claimed that he was desperate back then, and that he needed Lauren to trust him, though she found that to be fairly difficult considering that he lied to her. "You're just like one of your stupid mirages", Lauren stated.


The Strucker's diner being interrupted by Wes

That night, while eating with her family, Wes interrupted to let them know that he had spoken with Sage and the others, informing them of all he had done. He also told them that it was all behind him, and that he was going to be a better guy moving forward. They discussed it, and decided to give him a chance to prove himself. He then apologized for lying to them all, and thanked Reed for a talk that they had earlier. Lauren wondered if this meant that he was going to stay at the station. Unfortunately, it didn't. There was a group going to a station in Augustus, and they had asked Wes to join them.

The next day, as Wes headed out for the Augustus station, Lauren joined him outside to give him a goodbye kiss, then watching as he drove off.


Lauren and Andy learning the truth about their grandfather

In threat of eXtinction, Lauren sat at the table with Andy and their mother, where they learned from their father that Sentinel Services had been working with a defense contractor called Trask Industries, which was the same company that his father (Lauren and Andy's grandfather) used to work. Lauren and Andy had always been told that their grandfather ran out on their father and grandmother years ago, but that wasn't entirely true. He actually lived out in Chattanooga, which was only two hours away, yet Lauren and Andy had never even met him, which her mother explained was intentional because their grandfather wasn't good to their father when raising him. Lauren and Andy's grandfather was a difficult man that was always working, and never close with his family. When their father was a child, he got sick, and almost died, yet their grandfather didn't even bother coming to visit him at the hospital. Sympathizing with her father's pain, Lauren held his hand tightly. They hadn't spoken since before Lauren and Andy were born, but that would have to change if they desired to know more about Trask Industries, and their affiliation with Sentinel Services.

After saying goodbye to her father, who was leaving with John for Chattanooga, Lauren helped her mother pop back in the arm of one of the newest mutant refugees at the station, who was injured during a fight between one of the Sentinel Services' mutants (Chloe Tan) and Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Blink, following the attack on the station in Perry. Andy then stepped in to assist Lauren with putting on the refugee's sling.


Marcos, Caitlin, Lauren, Lorna, and Andy looking down on Chloe

Upon further examination of Chloe, they began to suspect that she was suffering from drug withdrawals given that she had all the symptoms. Marcos asked if they had ever seen a mutant on Kick, which was a power enhancing mutant drug that is highly addictive and made the user feel invincible. However, as Lauren explained, the effects were only temporary. If that was the case, then Caitlin believed they could treat Chloe, which only frustrated Lorna, who preferred a different method of interrogating, which involved torture. She also worried that treating Chloe would only make her stronger, thus granting her with the means to escape, and try to kill them all, though Marcos argued that they didn't always have to resort to violence, which Caitlin agreed with since they were fighting for a world where people can live together.


Andy and Lauren restraining Chloe

Lauren and Andy volunteered to restrain the prisoner in order for their mother to be able to properly treat her, which would hopefully result in them getting answers from her. Andy would push her back towards the bars, and Lauren would hold her back with a shield long enough for their mother to inject with her the "sleep juice". However, Caitlin was simply guessing on the dosage in which she would inject into the prisoner, so if something went wrong, she would look for Marcos and Lorna to step in, who were on standby. Just as planned, Andy pushed Chloe back against the rails, which allowed Lauren to hold her still with a shield while their mother came up from behind to inject Chloe with an unknown substance that rendered her unconscious almost immediately.


Andy and Lauren looking over Chloe

After removing her from the cell, and locking her down onto the table, Lauren, Andy, Lorna, and Marcos watched as Caitlin injected Chloe with medication to help with her withdrawals, though it wouldn't matter given that Chloe was dying from the massive amounts of drugs that Sentinel Services had given her, which concerned Marcos, as he suspected that Chloe wouldn't tell them anything if she was already dying. Caitlin wasn't so sure, however. She once treated a gang member with a fatal gunshot wound. As he was dying, he told the cops everything he'd done just to get it off his chest.

While her mother treated Chloe, Lauren was approached by one of the new refugees, a larger man, who was quite intimidating in size. He was upset that they had taken Chloe out of the cell despite what she was capable of. While Lauren understood his frustration, she asked that he stay back because they needed to figure out who Chloe was and where she came from. In doing that, they'd be keeping everyone safe, but the man didn't seem to care much for what she had to say, forcing Andy to step in. He warned the larger man to back off, making the station shake as he did so, which worked as an effective form of intimidation. The larger man's attitude quickly downsized, and he backed off. Lauren then thanked Andy for coming to her aid. He told Lauren that she was his sister, and that only he could talk to her like that.


Andy and Lauren holding hands

Despite her mother's best efforts, Chloe died from her withdrawals later that evening, just as they suspected she would. Although, they did discover that Sentinel Services killed her husband and took her daughter, and that she was connected to Trask Industries, which was North of the station. Lauren later greeted her father with a hug as he returned from Chattanooga with devastating news that night. He entered the room, visibly upset. From him, they learned that his father was murdered during an attack by Sentinel Services. Hearing this, Lauren and Andy held hands while their mother comforted their father.


Lauren and Andy discover the Fenris Force

In Outfox, a flashback reveals the Strucker Family at a picnic. Andy convinces Lauren to let him teach her how to skate. When Lauren falls, Andy grabs her hand, and their hands begin glowing. The two look at each other in shock, but when Reed asks what's wrong, they decide to keep it secret.

In the present, Reed reveals what he's learned about their family history to Caitlin. He plans to keep it secret, but Caitlin convinces him to tell Andy and Lauren.


Lauren and Andy are revealed to have the Fenris Force

After explaining the news to Lauren and Andy, Reed suggests that they test to see if the kids inherited the Fenris Force. Reed, Caitlin, Lauren and Andy head to the vault, where Lauren and Andy conjoin hands. After nothing happens, Andy asks Lauren to try again. They join hands again, and this time they begin to glow. The two begin to light up and their hair floats. They continue to build up their energy as Reed shouts stop, until he finally pulls their hands apart. Lauren and Andy explain that it was like they "could feel everything." They weren't two people anyone, but a conjoined force that could have torn the whole building down. Reed and Caitlin are frightened.

Later, Lauren and Andy look through old newspapers reading about Andreas and Andrea. Lauren is horrified by the acts of terrorism they committed, and tells Andy to stop talking about it so they can go to sleep.

The next day, Thunderbird, Blink, Polaris, Dreamer and Eclipse hatch a plan to take down Sentinel Services. They request Lauren and Andy to go to the electrical plant in order to shut down the Sentinel Service HQ's power.

Lauren and Andy convince their parents to let them go after Caitlin and Reed reveal they are worried. Inside, they navigate the halls while Reed and Caitlin lead them over mics. After being confronted by a guard, Lauren raised her hand, getting ready to shield the group from him, but Dreamer convinced him to stand down.

After learning Sentinel Services were onto them, the group ran to try and find an exit. Dreamer was captured by the guards and told the others to go on. Blink, Lauren and Andy came to a door. After taking time to try and get it open, Blink stayed behind to let Lauren and Andy get ahead.


Lauren and Andy are taken into custody

The two siblings came to the basement, and panicked, realizing there was no way out. Lauren convinced Andy to use the Fenris Force, and they conjoined hands. However, Andy soon pulled away, saying that if they used their conjoined power, the whole building would come down, killing everyone upstairs. The two were cornered by guards and gave up, allowing themselves to be taken into custody while Reed and Caitlin watched horrified from outside.

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Academically very gifted, Lauren is organized and socially aware. She shows streets smarts and self-preservation skills by being aware that she must keep her mutant abilities a secret due to the consequences, however, she is a very caring person towards her family, and has no trouble using her powers (semi-)publically to protect them. She is also patient and nurturing, evident by the fact that she taught her brother how to swim when they were younger, and is willing to help him learn to use his mutant powers. She also gets defensive when people look down on mutants because she is a mutant herself.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lauren is a teenage girl of average height, with light skin, brown eyes, and a well endowed long blonde hair. She also has casual teen “stylish” attire.

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  • Molecular Manipulation:[2] Lauren possess the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.
    • Shield Generation: The opposite of her brother, she can compress molecules together. In doing so, she forms force field-like barriers that can both cut through solid objects as well as push them away. At its lowest level, Lauren's power allowed her to push a bag of popcorn off a vending machine slot with a wave of her hand. Her shields are strong enough to deflect bullets, push away oncoming cars, and forcefully close the portals generated by an unstable Blink. She has demonstrated a full understanding of her abilities, using them in both offensive and defensive setting, and has also proven herself to be able to improvise new uses for her powers on the spot. She was also able to create a barrier small enough to cover and apply pressure to an individual artery, which she demonstrated when she helped her mother save a wounded man. She may be able to use her power to create “constructs” by pushing the molecules together in a certain fashion. She used this to create a ramp strong enough to support a truck holding her brother, father, and Eclipse facilitating their escape from Sentinel Services.
      • Limitations: Lauren finds air molecules to be the easiest to manipulate, while other substances, such as water, present more of a challenge. She must be able to see what and where she is applying her shields to, and she also needs free use of her hands in order to focus her abilities. Lauren typically uses her powers through gestures: when she is making barriers this is performed by holding her forearm nearly parallel to the ground while curving her hand into a half-moon shape and pressing her palm in the direction she wants the molecules to go. When using her powers to focus her brother's powers or to close Blink's portals, she will gesture with both arms, keeping her arms in a round shape with her palms facing each other in order to compress the force of their respective powers into a smaller mass. Lauren's power is not effective against Andy's. Because she's pulling molecules together and he's pushing them apart, they cancel each other out, as seen in eXtraction. When this occurs, a blast of energy is released, strong enough to launch both Andy and Lauren back several feet.
  • Fenris Force: A powerful force of incredible strength. If Lauren and Andy hold hands, they are capable of producing an incredibly strong and destructive blast of light. According to Lauren and Andy themselves, they become a single collective entity. They feel everything around them, especially when inside buildings. They combine Andy's power to push things apart and Lauren's power to pull them together and produce a force they describe as being able “to do anything [they] want.” Whatever they feel, they can destroy. They were able to unleash enough energy to create a large dent in a room made of the supposedly indestructible metal adamantium. When used in full strength within the confines of a building of any other material, the building is said to essentially vaporize. The effect of this force when used in an outdoor environment is currently unspecified.

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  • She discovered her abilities when she was 14 and kept it a secret for three years.

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