You know when you put your hand out of the window of a moving car, you can feel the air, and guide it? I can push the air together, water too, other stuff.
— Lauren to Andy

Lauren Strucker is a main character on The Gifted. She is the mutant daughter of Caitlin and Reed Strucker with the ability to create force fields.

She had known for years that she was a mutant. However, she kept this secret from everyone, including her family, in fear that her father would send her away to a detention center for mutants.[2]

Character Description Edit

"Smart, pretty, popular, organized and already ahead on her college applications, Lauren is the model of a perfect kid."[3]

Early Life Edit

Lauren and her family were almost killed by a car accident, however, Lauren was able to prevent the accident by triggering her mutant abilities.

Season 1Edit

In eXposed, Lauren joined her brother, Andy Strucker, and her mother, Caitlin Strucker at dinner after Facetiming with her boyfriend Jack. Her father couldn't make it because he was called in to interview a suspect at the Garland Detention Center. Caitlin asked Andy how his day was at school, to which he talked about a debate they had in social studies class about the law they wanted to enforce to test people with the X-gene and monitor them. He mentioned someone in the class who freaked out, Andy's guess was that his cousin was a "mutie". Lauren, angered by such a derogatory term, tells Andy how racist he sounded. They got into an argument before their mother interjected, complaining about how they couldn't have one normal conversation.


Lauren using her force field to shield her from falling debris

Lauren made plans to see her boyfriend at the school dance and when she got into her car she found Andy in the passenger seat. She refused to take him with her because he neglected to tell their parents about attending the party and chose, instead, to sneak out. Andy reassured her that his disappearance wouldn't trace back to her as he could make an excuse that he just went to Ian's. Despite being bullied at school, he still wanted to attend the school dance because he felt like he was being raised like a veal, cooped up in the house. Upon hearing this, Lauren reluctantly told him to buckle up as they headed for school.

As they entered the dance, music boomed all around the gymnasium as students crowded the dance floor. Lauren's boyfriend, Jack, appeared and kissed Lauren. Andy decided to separate himself from them as he made his way toward the bleachers. As Jack and Lauren danced, Lauren noticed her brother, Andy, and some other guys entering the locker rooms. After a while, the school suddenly began shaking as the intensity increased, soon the lights and ceiling fixtures began to explode and fall, prompting students at the dance to run out of the school. Lauren refused to evacuate, going the opposite direction as the moving crowd, in an attempt to find her brother. As she advanced toward the locker room, she used abilities to shield herself and other students from falling debris. Seeing Andy's tormentors exit the locker room she ran inside and found her brother in the middle of the showers screaming with the faucets bent backward and the entire room trembling and falling apart. Lauren calmed Andy enough to stop his wild fit and the two exited the school and ran straight home.


Andy and Lauren explaining the incident at school

Once home Andy and Lauren told their mother what happened. In disbelief, their mother asked how this could happen. Lauren quickly came to Andy's defense saying this was beyond Andy's control as the X-Gene was triggered in moments of stress or danger and she knew this because she had a secret of her own, she revealed that she was a mutant and had been hiding her abilities for three years after they first manifested when she saved the family from a near-fatal car accident. Caitlin's naivete showed as she assured her children that her and their father were not against mutants right before Agent Jace Turner and Agent Weeks from Sentinel Services knocked on the door.

They told Caitlin that they were there to apprehend Andy and Lauren, when Caitlin refused to comply, they forced their way into the Strucker house, knocking Caitlin down in the process. Andy began to shake the house and told the agents to leave. Jace Turner urged Andy to calm down, and to come with him for questioning but as Andy grew angrier, the shaking intensified, forcing the Agents to draw their weapons. However, Lauren obstructed their path with her force fields, which in return gave Caitlin, Andy, and Lauren enough time to escape in the family's van. Attempting to flee in the family van with agents surrounding them, Andy tried to use his powers but couldn't seem to control them. Lauren created a force field between the van and the agents and the family escaped.

Reed Strucker met his family in a diner and began his professional evaluation of the situation, asking Andy if he wasn't the one who initiated it. Caitlin reminded him that it wasn't a deposition and that a legal understanding of the matter would do little to help against Sentinel Services. When she mentioned the Sentinel Services' part in all of this, he finally understood the life and death reality of the situation. Sentinel Services was a federal agency with little oversight that has "disappeared" mutant suspects in the past and he wouldn't allow that to happen to his children. The only reason they got away, was that Sentinel Services didn't have enough time to put a full team together. Soon, the pressure would pick up, and they needed to find someplace safe, not, as Caitlin suggested, that they stay with her sister, Jenny in Phoenix, but Reed was thinking more along the lines of someplace with less strict mutant laws, like Mexico. Reed promised to figure something out, as Lauren leans on him for comfort.


Lauren shielding Andy from the exploding vending machine

At Caravan Motel Andy and Lauren discussed their powers and Andy's frustration with his inability to control them. Lauren told Andy that with time he will learn to control them and demonstrated her ability by knocking popcorn lose from a vending machine and encouraging Andy to do the same. When he attempted this, initially having some control, his powers escalated when his emotions from the incident at the dance took over, resulting in the machine being destroyed.

With everything going as planned, the Struckers met up with Eclipse in an abandoned warehouse facility. From there, Eclipse would get them food, water, and blankets before heading down to the border, though Caitlin refused to go any further until she knew all of what he has planned for her family. Eclipse explained that he knew people down by the border with a specific set of skills, that'd allow them to get people under, over, or even through the wall. Once that was done, they'd get them new IDs. There were also churches of people who would help them. Unfortunately, their plans never initiated as it didn't take long before they were surrounded by Sentinel Services, and ordered to the ground. Thunderbird and Blink came to their rescue.


Lauren crying as her father is left behind

The seven of them sprinted through the warehouse, as Sentinel Services unleashed their mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels, which Thunderbird saw coming ahead of time due to his foresight. When they were cornered, Eclipse and Lauren were able to keep them behind, using their mutant abilities, while Blink created a portal for them all to retreat through that led to the Mutant Underground Headquarters. Everyone, except Andy and Reed, went through the portal. With Andy hyper-focused on destroying the sentinels, he telepathically forced them to explode before joining the others through the portal. Blink couldn't hold the portal open for much longer, but while Reed was waiting for his son to enter the portal, he got shot before he got the chance to enter the portal after Andy, as Blink had to shut the portal because it was too for much her to bear. Lauren cried after the portal shut, as Reed was left for capture on the other side.

Personality Edit

Academically very gifted, Lauren is organized and socially aware. She shows streets smarts and self-preservation skills by being aware that she must keep her mutant abilities a secret due to the consequences, however, she is a very caring person towards her family, and has no trouble using her powers (semi-)publically to protect them. She is also patient and nurturing, evident by the fact that she taught her brother his ABC's when they were younger, and is willing to help him learn to use his mutant powers. She also gets defensive when people look down on mutants because she is a mutant herself.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lauren is a teenage girl of average height, with light skin, brown eyes, and long blonde hair.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Force Field Generation: This ability allows Lauren to collect and bind energy and atoms together, which in turn create transparent force fields and barriers that can cut through solid objects, as well as push them away. Her force fields are strong enough to deflect bullets, push away oncoming cars and forcefully close portals generated by an unstable Blink. She has demonstrated a full understanding of her abilities, using them in both offensive and defensive settings. Using her force fields, Lauren is capable of manipulating matter in such forms as water and air. However, she has difficulties when manipulating these particular elements. Limitations to her ability include; Lauren must see what she is shielding and she must have free use of her hands to focus her abilities.

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Appears
rX Appears
eXodus Appears
eXit Strategy N/A
boXed in N/A
got your siX N/A
quick fiX N/A
threat of eXtinction N/A
outfoX N/A
To Be Announced N/A

Trivia Edit

  • She discovered her abilities when she was 14 and kept a secret for three years.

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References Edit

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