got your siX is the sixth episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is the sixth episode of the series overall.[2]

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THUNDERBIRD SEEKS ANSWERS FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FRIEND — Determined to find out more information behind what Sentinel Services did to an old friend of his, Thunderbird spearheads a mission to get answers. Meanwhile, Lauren encounters a new friend with useful powers and Blink makes a big decision regarding her future.[3]

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Clarice confronts Thunderbird about him not telling her what Dreamer did to her memories, and decides to leave the underground. The group plans to attack a Federal facility where Pulse was taken without Clarice's help; Reed, Eclipse, and Andy go to break in and steal information on the mutants who are now working for SS. Thunderbird worries that these mutants could be the deciding factor in a war that the X-Men believed was coming (they put Thunderbird in charge of the underground before they disappeared). Reed becomes concerned with Andy's abilities and how he enjoys using them to destroy things, and attempts to gain Andy's trust as his father again. After stealing the information, the trio are followed by police into an SS ambush. Polaris takes Lauren and another young mutant, visual illusionist Wes, to help them. Meanwhile, Turner is given a mandatory leave for his reborn grief, but ignores this and instead begins a new partnership with Campbell, giving him the information about Andy and Lauren in exchange for his help

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  • The truck they are hiding in on the way to Baton Rouge reads "Claremont Interstate Movers". This is a reference to Chris Claremont, who was a longtime writer for several of the X-Men comic books throughout the 1980's.

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