Evangeline Whedon is a character that appeared in the first season finale of The Gifted. She is a mutant lawyer with ties to the X-Men.

Early Life Edit

Four years ago, Evangeline approached Polaris in a mental hospital. She explained to Lorna that she represented the X-Men and convinced Lorna to join the mutant underground.

It is unknown at this point what happened to Evangeline afterwards, or if she went missing like the other X-Men.

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Evangeline revealing her mutant ability to Lorna

In X-roads, four years ago, Evangeline paid Lorna Dame a visit at Lakeview Mental Hospital. She introduced herself and extended her hand though Lorna refused to engage with her. Proceeding forward, Evangeline told Lorna that she was an attorney and that Lorna's situation was recently brought to her attention. According to the court records, Lorna was involved in a Purifier counter-protest that turned violent. Which is how she ended up in Lakeview. She was given psychiatric care as an alternative to jail. Apparently, the judge took pity on Lorna as her sister had a bipolar disorder as well. However, the judge didn't know that Lorna was responsible for half a dozen protesters "accidentally" falling off an overpass. Should she find out, Lorna would be transferred to a maximum security facility. The world had been steadily changing since 7/15 and a hard time was coming for mutants. The X-Men needed fighters like Lorna to join in the upcoming war though the X-Men themselves had disappeared following 7/15. However, before they went missing, they left a underground network to help mutants in need. But it needed leaders, like Lorna. So Evangeline was hoping to convince her to join as she wasn't the only one with demons inside her, Evangeline remarked. She then pulled up her sleeve as her hand turned red with scales and black talons extended from her fingers.

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Evangeline has brown eyes, dark brown hair and a light complexion. Due to her outward human appearance, she is perfectly capable of blending in without being identified as a mutant.

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  • Transformation: In the comics, Evangeline can shapeshift into a red, dragon-like creature. However, within the series, she has only displayed the ability to transform her arm into resembling that of a dragon, with red scales and black talons.

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  • She made her first appearance in the 2001 comic series titled "X-Treme X-Men vol 1 #21".
  • Evangeline Whedon was the X-Men’s lawyer. In the comics, her dragon form was triggered by contact with blood.

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