eMergence is the first episode of the second season of The Gifted. It is the fourteenth episode of the series overall.[1]

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Reeva Payge purges the Inner Circle of those who disagree with her, leaving her completely in charge. Then, fast-forward six months, when the Mutant Underground saves a girl, but not her family, from a Sentinel raid. Against the group's wishes, Eclipse and Caitlin meet with a criminal hacker to get info on the Inner Circle. Meanwhile, Polaris prepares for the birth of her baby, her contractions magnetizing anything metal and wreaking havoc. She also makes Andy promise to save the baby, no matter what.[2]

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  • Brad Carter as Wire
  • Hayley Lovitt as Sage
  • Renes Rivera as Bulk
  • Danube Hermosillo as Cristina
  • Vince Pisani as Dr. Kelsey
  • Bianca Tarantino as Dawn
  • Christian Finlayson as Young Reed

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