Stop the vehicle immediately, or we will open fire. This is Sentinel Services.
— Agent Weeks to the Mutant Underground

Agent Ed Weeks was a recurring character on FOX's The Gifted. Ed was an agent of the Sentinel Services who worked alongside Agent Turner.

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In Exposed, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner were assigned with the task of taking two mutant teens into custody following the destruction of a suburban Atlanta school, which was being described as an act of terrorism.


Weeks with Turner as they go to the Strucker's home to arrest Lauren and Andy.

They knocked on the door of the Strucker Home, and informed Caitlin Strucker that under the amended Patriot Act, it was their duty as Sentinel Services to secure the safety of the community, meaning Lauren and Andy would be coming with them. While they are aware that the teens' father, Reed Strucker, is a mutant prosecutor for the District Attorney, this does nothing to deter them from their task. Taking Andy and Lauren into custody was as much for their protection as it was the community's. Though Caitlin is reluctant to allow them in, attempting to slam the door in their faces, Agent Weeks and Agent Turner bypassed her, knocking Caitlin down in the process. Regrettably, this angered Andy, which in turn caused the house to shake and as his anger grew, so did the shaking, thus forcing Agent Weeks and Agent Turner to draw their weapons. However, before they could fire. Lauren obstructed their path with a force field, buying the Struckers enough time to get away in the family's van.

In rX, after failing to apprehend the Struckers in an abandoned warehouse, Agent Turner announced to the Sentinel Services Agents as well as Atlanta Police Department that in addition to the Struckers, they were also seeking three mutant suspects, two unidentified males (Thunderbird and Eclipse), and one female prison escapee (Blink). All are to be considered extremely dangerous. They believed that the suspects were working with the Mutant Underground in helping persecuted fugitives escape. They were to search every square inch of the warehouse - behind doors, walls, and even under water. With mutants, anything is possible.

The next day, at Sentinel Services headquarters, Agent Weeks interrogated Reed Strucker's mother, Ellen Strucker, on her potential involvement and the whereabouts of her grandchildren. With documented phone records from earlier that week between Mrs. Strucker and her son Reed, Agent Weeks accused her of having a role to play in the Strucker's escape. Though Mrs. Strucker claimed that she merely called to check in on them after seeing the news of the destroyed gymnasium. "What about your husband," Agent Weeks asked, to which Mrs. Strucker replied that he lived alone in Chattanooga. He then accused her of being a radical activist, referencing her support for the mutant rights movement and her protest against the South African government. Mrs. Strucker explained that she marched against apartheid in 1984 as they were oppressing all kinds of people, not just the mutants.

He and Turner tried to find the Mutant Underground by placing a tracker on Reed Strucker and having him make contact with one of their known associates. At first, Weeks was doubtful that Strucker would get taken to them but was surprised to find that the man got in. When they were on the move, he and Turner followed them but Strucker had abandoned the mission after he had a change of heart.

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Agent Weeks was a stern individual that was strictly about handling his business professionally. He always maintained his poise and never lost his temper under pressure or the stress of his job. He was able to keep calm even under the show of mutant powers all around him as he went after the Mutant Underground. He is also a loyal friend to fellow Sentinel Services agent, Jace Turner.

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Ed appears to be in his late thirties to early forties, with black hair and dark brown eyes. He is mostly seen wearing his uniform. When he is on the field, he is often seen wearing a bullet proof vest over his uniform.

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As a field agent for Sentinel Services, Ed is tactical and proficient with firearms.

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  • Agent Ed Weeks is not a character from the X-Men comics. He's a original character created for this series .

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