You did something stupid for someone you love. Can't say I haven't done the same.
— Marcos

Eclipse (birth name Marcos Diaz) is a main character on The Gifted. He is a Mutant with the ability to absorb and manipulate photons.

He comes from a poor family that exiled him from his home after he used his powers for the very first time. In search of many things, such as family and unity, Eclipse headed to the United States, where he eventually got involved with an Underground Network of mutants, including his closest friend, Thunderbird, and his girlfriend, Polaris.

Character Description Edit

"A natural rebel compelled by circumstances to cooperate with others, Marcos is a passionate and strong-willed fighter who sometimes lets his emotions overrule reason. His alter ego, Eclipse, who possesses the ability to absorb and manipulate photons, is a newly created mutant for this expanded X-Men universe."[1]

Early Life Edit

Marcos Diaz was originally from Colombia, and as the oldest, was groomed by his father to take over the family business. However, when he was thirteen, his powers manifested for the first time and he was kicked out by his parents. He then went to live on the streets of Bogota, and eventually wound up doing "things he wasn't proud of" to survive.

He found employment with a cartel, helping to run drugs across the border. He became involved with his employer's daughter, Carmen Guerra. He soon began to be treated as a valued member of the family, but that changed when he met Polaris. He fell in love with her and decided to leave the Cartel and join the Mutant Underground, utilizing all his foreign contacts into smuggling mutants instead of drugs.

On October 12, 2014 Eclipse was arrested by the San Antonio Police Department.

Season 1Edit


Eclipse, Thunderbird and Polaris looking for Blink

In eXposed, Eclipse, Thunderbird and Polaris were looking for the escaped fugitive, Blink, before the Atlanta Police get to her. After locating her, and barely gaining her trust, the police tracked them down in the abandoned workshop. They made a run for it and despite their efforts to take down the police by using their mutant abilities, Eclipse was shot in the alley. Polaris, panicked by Eclipse's injury caused her to get tasered by the police and taken by the police. Eclipse tried to get to her, but Thunderbird held him back knowing they were outnumbered by the police.

They arrived at the Mutant Underground Headquarters. As John patched Marcos' injury up, they debated over the rescue of Lorna. Marcos wanted nothing more than to get a team together, but John was not convinced they could take on hundreds of cops let alone a dozen of them. John reasoned that it was too risky. When Sage came in to alert them of a news story, where the news anchor reported that two mutants, Andy and Lauren Strucker, committed an act of terrorism at the local high school, Marcos his plans of rescuing Lorna would have to wait.


Blink creates a portal to show Eclipse her powers

Marcos was trying to find a way to rescue Lorna when Clarice entered the room. She wanted to thank him for rescuing her, knowing he lost Lorna in the process. Marcos shrugged it off, however, he was interested in her mutant abilities. He thought Blink’s ability to create portals could help with rescuing Lorna. All he needed was for her to get him inside the prison, but it was beyond Blink's abilities as she explained that in order to teleport someone, she would've had to have been in the place before. Marcos didn't understand so Blink illustrated it by using a toy to teleport it through the roof, a place she hadn't seen before. When it came out of the roof, it was cut in half.

Their conversation was interrupted when Marcos received a call from Reed Strucker. Reed proposed a deal to Marcos: He explained that he was the prosecutor with the city, involved in building a case against Marcos and his mutant associates for the district attorney's office, so if he helped his family across the border, he would be able to sort out Lorna's release. Reed also revealed to Marcos that Lorna was pregnant.

As planned, Marcos met up with Reed at a local bar for mutants called Tex's Lounge. Reed offered to help Lorna in exchange for assisting his family. Marcos agreed because Lorna’s big secret was that she was pregnant, but said that Reed would have to stay behind to make sure the other man held up his end of their bargain. Meanwhile, back at the headquarters, Clarice informed John about Marcos' conversation on the phone earlier, and how he was meeting the man alone, to which John decided that they go track down Marcos.


Eclipse using his powers to stop the sentinels

Blink and Thunderbird successfully tracked them all down, Eclipse and the Struckers took their cue from Thunderbird to run. The seven of them sprinted through the warehouse, as Thunderbird detected the Sentinel Services unleashing their mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels. Eclipse and Lauren were able to keep them behind using their mutant abilities while Blink created a portal for them all to retreat through. Everyone, except Andy and Reed, went through the portal. After Andy destroyed the Sentinels and entered the portal, Eclipse and the others screamed for Reed to hurry up before the portal closes. Unfortunately, Blink couldn't keep the portal open much longer. Reed was shot and unable to reach the portal, leaving everyone distraught over Reed being captured.

In rX, Eclipse helps tend to an ill-stricken Blink. When Andy begs for help to rescue his father, Eclipse calms him down, revealing he wants his father there with as much as he [Eclipse] does, as he was about to help get his girlfriend Polaris out of prison, but they were not in any position to stage a rescue for the time being. Later, he is confronted by Thunderbird about his "freelance job", to which he attempts to justify that the Strucker kids were mutants in danger, and that Underground 's job is to help mutants in danger. However, Thunderbird brushes off his excuse and claims what he did was for Lorna, to which Eclipse did not disagree, but claims he didn't care for they couldn't just leave her in jail. Thunderbird bit back that he wanted her back just as much as he did, but they couldn't risk destroying the Underground in the process.

Their argument was then interrupted by Lauren, who told them to come quick, as something was wrong with Blink. Her condition had worsened to where she begun to lose control of her powers, randomly opening portals, specifically to a road on the countryside. One portal opened in front of an oncoming pickup truck, but closed, serving the back of the truck, which came blazing through the portal and into HQ, causing damage. When Blink created another portal to the same location, they found people with guns have arrived. Thanks to Lauren's shields, the portal was closed before any shooting would start. Eclipse noted that "they [we're] toast" should people come through Blink's portals to their headquarters.

To stabilize Blink's condition, Eclipse went with Caitlin to a hospital to extract the medication needed, as HQ was according to Eclipse, on the "mutant plan", having nothing but only "some first aid and some painkillers". After arriving at South Region Hospital, Caitlin and Eclipse manage to gain entry under the guise of being a couple, and that her mutant "boyfriend" was injured. Though after seeing Caitlin's head wound (from the truck incident at HQ), the doctor assumed she was being abused. Disguised as a nurse, Caitlin managed to steal the medicine they needed, but noticed the doctor had called the police, believing that her head wound was the result of being abused by the recently-treated Eclipse. Upon reuniting with him, they manage to escape the back of the hospital before they could be apprehended, with Eclipse using his powers to melt the exit shut to ensure the cops could not follow them.

While on the way back to the Underground, Eclipse and Caitlin converse about how mutants are treated so badly. Eclipse didn't call that bad, considering the doctor patching him up and calling the cops "top-flight mutant health care". He also reveals that mutants' so-called "rights" are easily taken just being considered "dangerous". When asked how his parents dealt with his being a mutant, he reveals that his parents kicked him out of the house at the age of 13, the day when his powers first manifested. To survive, he claimed to done "some things" he wasn't very proud of, but Lorna had saved him from it. From then on, he considered her his family, compared with his parents. Eclipse then called Caitlin "something" that she never rejected her kids for being mutants.

Upon returning to HQ, Caitlin began to panic, but assures it's a security measure by a mutant Underground member to keep unauthorized people away from headquarters, but noted something was wrong with it being stronger than usual. Speaking to Pedro (the mutant responsible for the fear induction), Eclipse learned that the building was being evacuated as Blink's portals were randomly and violently opening and closing everywhere in and around HQ.

Personality Edit

Although he can be somewhat short-tempered, impatient, and distrusting of strangers, Eclipse is fiercely loyal to his friends and those he cares about, willing to do almost anything to ensure their safety. He deeply regrets the things he did in his youth to survive and now seeks to help mutants escape persecution.

Physical Appearance Edit

Eclipse has short-cut black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. He also has a fondness for flannel shirts.

Abilities and Skills Edit

  • Absorption and Manipulation of Photons: Eclipse can absorb and manipulate photons of light, heat and energy but not much is known about the extent of his abilities. His cells have the ability to absorb solar energy and convert it for use as a physical strength. He also demonstrated using his ability to drain all light out of an area, seemingly encasing him in a large shadow, creating a blind spot.
  • Light Beam Projection: He can manipulate photons to project powerful rays of light and energy beams from his hands which are hot enough to cut through cinder blocks. His body is a literal battery of light and heat. When severally injured, Eclipse's wound emits light that burns to the touch, proven when he was shot by an Atlanta officer, and later when the bandage was removed.

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  • Eclipse is bilingual, fluently speaking both his native Spanish and English.
  • Although Eclipse is an original character created for the show [2], he shares a codename with an incarnation of Sunspot in the Age of X timeline. Much like Eclipse, Sunspot has solar-based powers.
  • Eclipse shares some similarities to Havok in the comics, namely his ability to project energy from his hands and his romantic relationship with Polaris.

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