Dreamer (also known as Beautiful Dreamer) (birth name Sonia) is a character on The Gifted. She is a mutant with the ability to implant memories.

She is also a member of the Mutant Underground, as well as the best friend of Polaris.

Early Life Edit

Season 1Edit

In rX, Sonia attempted to get ahold of a doctor in Gainsville after John and Marcos returned to Headquarters with Clarice, who was in bad condition after overexerting herself when teleporting everyone over to the facility. With John, Marcos, and Clarice's return came a family with two mutant children (Andy and Lauren) who needed their help in escaping Sentinel Services. However, with John nearly being killed during the rescue mission, Sonia isn't as willing to lend a hand as her underground comrades. Come to find out, it was Marcos' doing that led to the Struckers' arrival at Headquarters. He ran off on his own, agreeing to help the family if they reunited him with Lorna in return.


Sonia, Marcos, John, and the Strcukers observing Blink's portal

She later joined John, Marcos, and the others down stairs when Clarice's worsening condition and unstable abilities caused the back half of a truck to rip though the compound after entering through one of her portals. As they laid Clarice down on the table, her powers began to forcefully manifest, which caused her great pain. This led to the creation of another portal to the very same road as before, making them visible to the civilians on the street, one of which had a loaded shotgun and was prepared to use it. Fortunately, Lauren was there to close the portal using her force fields as Sonia stood back with the rest. While Lauren's ability to close the portal may ave proven effective this time around, there was no guarantee this would remain to be true as Clarice became increasingly unstable. Their only chance at saving Clarice was by breaking into a hospital, and stealing a Pyxis machine.

With Marcos and Caitlin off to recover the medication to save Clarice, John and Sonia stayed behind to look after the new arrivals, which goes terribly wrong after Clarice's ability began to violently manifest once more, causing another portal to open and making them visible to law enforcement on the road, which in turn forced Sonia to get the others to safety.


Sonia disagreeing with John

Despite Lauren closing the repeatedly opening portals, Sonia and John grew more concerned with each passing moment. She learned from John that the situation is worse than they thought. He overheard the cops calling in SWAT. They're going to have a serious problem on their hands the next time a portal opens, which is why she was instructed by John to evacuate if necessary, though Sonia disagreed with this decision. She believed the best way to address the threat was by removing Clarice from the facility, but as John explained, moving Clarice is too dangerous, only worsening the situation. What are we to do, Sonia asked, to which John replied that they're going to hope that Marcos and Caitlin make it back in time with the medicine

With Clarice's pain intensify and her powers growing even more unpredictable, John is prepared evacuate, though Sonia is adamantly against doing so, her reasoning being that they couldn't abandon the facility, but John couldn't come to any better solution. What appeared to be Clarice's worst episode yet, John ordered Sonia to prepare for evacuation. As the SWAT team pulled up, Lauren attempted to close the portal, but to no avail. Failing to close the portal, Lauren is knocked back into the wall by a great force. Sonia then ran over to help her up, screaming at John to watch out for the approaching SWAT team member as she did so. After John took down the intruder, Andy ran in front, and in a great show of power, sent the officers flying backward into the air, as well as everyone else around him, including Clarice, who was knocked unconscious onto the floor, causing the portal to close. Unfortunately, this resulted in multiple portals opening simultaneously which led Sonia to evacuate the building at John's request,

After Caitlin and Marcos returned with the medicine from the hospital to stabilize Clarice, Sonia and her fellow mutants assembled to reestablish order within the facility.

After Clarice's recovery She was having trouble creating portals. Sonia told John that she could use her powers to implant memories into Clarice and provide an emotional anchor to help her focus, suggesting making Clarice think Polaris is her best friend. John refuses, stating that implanting memories into a persons mind can have dire consequences and is to dangerous. Sonia then spoke with Clarice and revealed that her and John once dated but stopped once they began working together for the Mutant Underground. John called Sonia for help while he, Marcos, and the Struckers were being pursued by civilians seeking to collect the bounty for the fugitive mutants. Knowing Clarice was the only one who could save everyone with a portal, Sonia approached Clarice and asked for help. After Clarice said she couldn't create a portal Sonia exhaled a pink cloud of smoke onto Clarice which implanted an intense romantic memory of John and Clarice in which they kissed in a tender embrace in the rain. Clarice, now with a strong emotional connection to John, was able to create a portal to transport everyone to safety. Clarice immediately embraced John, happy to see him safe. When John confronted Sonia she admitted to implanting a personal memory into Clarice of a kiss between Sonia and John, with Sonia being replaced by Clarice. John chastised Sonia for using her powers, as it could lead to consequences for Clarice.

Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Dreamer is an attractive woman with long red hair, pale skin, and green eyes.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Showrunner, Matt Nix, described this ability as being sexy; "One of the things about her character is that’s a really sexy power that isn’t a gigantic power. We aren’t blowing up a building with her… it doesn’t involve a six-week CG build."[1]

  • Memory implantation: Dreamer possess the ability to implant memories into a person's mind. She exhales a pink colored gas from her mouth that implants constructed memories, indistinguishable from true memories, into anyone exposed. These memories can have intense effects on the recipient, as seen when Clarice, a.k.a. Blink, was able to overcome her limitations and access her powers based on strong emotions associated with a false memory. It has been said that implanting memories into a persons mind can lead to dire consequences.

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Absent
rX Appears
eXodus Appears
eXit Strategy N/A
boXed in N/A
got your siX N/A
quick fiX N/A
threat of eXtinction N/A
outfoX N/A
To Be Announced N/A

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References Edit

  1. The Gifted Releases New Trailer, Casts SHIELD Star as Dreamer

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