I know no mutant has ever escaped before. What can I say, I'm different.
— Blink

Blink (birth name Clarice Fong) is a main character on The Gifted. She is a mutant with the ability to teleport via portals.

She has spent a vast majority of her life on the run or in detention centers, simply for being born different. Unlike a majority of mutants whose abilities can be kept hidden, Clarice has facial markings that are fairly visible and make her mutant status clearly known, which led to constant persecution.

Character Description Edit

"Sarcastic, lively and a bit of a tomboy. Her naturally strong exuberance has taken a hit after a sudden and traumatic upheaval of her life. As she adjusts to the new people and places that are suddenly “home,” she is slowly becoming herself again."[1]

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Clarice's family but she has some mutant "bad guys" in her ancestry.

Clarice spent her early teenage years in a foster home for mutant kids who couldn't pass as humans. The couple who ran the home, Carl and Denise, kept the kids safe by hiding them. She was there for a couple years until she was 15, when she finally grew tired of hiding and decided to leave.

Despite spending her teenage years in a foster home, Clarice did know her biological family as a child - a shady past that she doesn't like to talk about. What she has said is that there were other mutants in her family who were bad people - which may possibly have something to do with why she later went in to foster care. She eventually accepted that her genetic lineage had no bearing on whether she was a good or bad person, but would be judged on her own merits.[2]

Two years prior to the beginning of the series, Clarice was living in Athens, Georgia working as a dishwasher.
One day, while she was on a date, she and her partner were approached by a group of Purifiers bearing giant white crosses on their clothes. The Purifiers vandalized her car with the word "mutie" on and harassed her. Her date did nothing to help and just told her to run as the Purifiers burned the car. Clarice ran and escaped through a portal she opened, after that the Purifiers continued to harass her until she left town.

At one point while she was on the run, Blink fell in with a criminal gang of mutants, who seemed to be just looking out for other mutant runaways and taking things they needed. She helped them with a few petty robberies and similar tasks, but she never officially "joined" them. However, she later found out that they were actually affiliated with the Brotherhood and wanted to carry out overtly violent actions in the name of mutant liberation. When she found out who they really were, she stopped associating with them and moved on.[3]

Some time after leaving the Brotherhood, Clarice used a portal to steal food from the back of a supermarket, Unfortunately, she was caught and sent to a mutant detention center. When she finally managed to escape, she almost portaled herself into the middle of a ten-lane freeway but ultimately, she managed to escape from the detention center.

Season 1Edit


Blink going through a portal to escape the police

In Exposed, Blink, a fugitive, was on the run from the Atlanta police after successfully escaping prison. After being cornered in an alley, she was able to use her mutant ability to create a portal and transport herself to safety. Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Polaris have heard about her escape and are tracking her through Thunderbird's ability of foresight. He has mild difficulty due to her "moving strangely", but soon finds her taking refuge in an abandoned workshop. Polaris and Eclipse come up to her and attempt to introduce themselves to her. Panicking, she threw whatever is in front of her - a coffee maker followed by a cup - but Eclipse managed to dodge them. They tried to gain her trust by explaining that they were mutants just like her with Polaris demonstrating her control over magnetism by yanking the steel stapler out of Blink's hand, proving their mutant abilities. Eclipse and Polaris introduced themselves as Marcos and Lorna. Marcos tried to assure her that they had been in the same place as her and if she went with them, they will get her a place to stay. However, their introductory meeting was disrupted as the police surrounded the abandoned workshop they were hiding in. Blink, Polaris and Eclipse joined Thunderbird at the main room.


Blink hiding as Atlanta PD opened fire

After killing the lights, Polaris and Thunderbird took cover on the wall, observing the police as they pulled up. Polaris stepped out in front of the window and gestured her hands in a downward motion, which sent out a wave of energy so powerful that it took out the police cruisers. That's when the police opened fire. Blink hid behind a wall and Polaris took cover behind the wall, as she instructed Thunderbird to find them a way out while she held off law enforcement. Polaris used her abilities once more to disable the cops and halt the firing bullets. With the police applying pressure, Eclipse came to Polaris' rescue, emitting a blinding light from his hands, which in return both stunned the police and provided Polaris with the opportunity to escape as well as Blink. As Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Blink exited the building and made their way back to the getaway vehicle, despite their efforts to take down the police by using their mutant abilities, a cop appeared behind them and shot Eclipse in the arm. Blink managed to get inside the getaway vehicle, soon followed by Thunderbird who was dragging Eclipse inside the car so he wouldn't run after a captured Polaris.


Blink showing Eclipse her powers

Later on, Clarice arrived at the Mutant Underground Headquarters, where she sat down with Sage. Sage welcomed her to the mutant facility, and then asked her if she should contact anyone, perhaps family, to which Clarice said it was complicated. Sage then informed her that she would stay with them at the headquarters until they figured out where they would relocate her. After getting settled in, Clarice went to thank Marcos for saving her. Marcos was trying to find a way to rescue Lorna, and though he thought her ability to create portals could help, she explained that in order to teleport herself, she would've had to have been in the place before or else anything or anyone that goes through will be cut.

Their conversation was interrupted when Marcos received a call from Reed Strucker. Clarice overheard Marcos meeting someone about helping a family. After a few hours since Marcos left, worried, Clarice went to John and told him what happened and together they went to track Marcos down.


Blink struggling to keep the portal open

Blink and Thunderbird successfully tracked them all down, Eclipse and the Struckers took their cue from Thunderbird to run. The seven of them sprinted through the warehouse, as Sentinel Services unleashed their mutant-hunting robots, the sentinels. Eclipse and Lauren were able to keep them behind using their mutant abilities while Blink created a portal for them all to retreat through. Everyone, except Andy and Reed, went through the portal. With Andy hyper-focused on destroying the sentinels, he telepathically forced them to explode before joining the others through the portal. Blink couldn't hold the portal open for much longer, but while Reed was waiting for his son to enter the portal, he is shot in the leg before he can enter the portal after Andy, as Blink had to shut the portal because it was too for much her to bear. Reed was left for capture on the other side, as Blink collapsed on the other side.


Blink weakened from the extensive portal opening

In rX, as Clarice regained consciousness, Marcos held up her head as he tried to get her to respond. She appeared to be suffering from some kind of reaction to holding her portal open for such an extensive amount of time and traveling as far as they did. He put her arm around him and led her out of the room, but they didn't make it far as Clarice was barely able to stand. Marcos then placed her on a bench by the stairs. The Struckers panicking about going back for Reed didn't seem to be helping, as Marcos told Andy that his father was planning to help him get his girlfriend, Lorna, out of jail, but as much as he wanted Reed there, they couldn't think of that right now.

Later on, Clarice's condition didn't improve, it was only growing increasingly unstable. Lauren called Marcos and John back down as Caitlin informed them that Clarice was in respiratory distress and her temperature was spiking, which meant she needed medical attention that only a hospital could provide. The Long-distance leap and holding her portal open for such an extensive amount of time really took a lot of energy out of her. Caitlin was a nurse, so she examined Clarice noting that her heart rate was faster than normal. Clarice then began convulsing causing her powers to become unstable. As Clarice was going into shock, her powers started to uncontrollably manifest, causing her to involuntarily open a portal to stretch of road where a truck was headed straight for them. As the truck tried to avoid them, it skidded out of control and half of the truck got sliced off as the portal suddenly closed and came careening into the headquarters, as everyone took cover.


Clarice losing control of her powers

After helping the others, John carried Clarice to a table in the back of the room by the vault. Marcos asked Caitlin that if she said that Clarice was over-exceeding her powers, how was she able to create a portal? Caitlin admitted that she wasn't an expert in that field. As Clarice started convulsing again, a new portal emerged, opening a path back to the same road as before. Civilians with loaded rifles stood on the other side of the portal looking in. Seeing this, Marcos was prepared for a fight, however, John stopped him as they weren't to hurt innocent bystanders. Before Marcos could do anything else, Lauren walked in front of them and managed to close the portal using her force shields, thus preventing any possible altercation. This shut down Clarice's powers as she fell unconscious.

He then asked Caitlin if she could help Clarice from Headquarters if they managed to obtain the medicine needed, however, Caitlin stressed that this type of medicine cannot be bought at a local supermarket, she'd have to get in the Pyxis machine from the hospital if they were to have any luck in saving Clarice. Eclipse offered to take her to the hospital. He instructed Lauren to use her force shields if Clarice were to make another portal, however, Caitlin was afraid of leaving her daughter so close to the portal, in fear of the bystanders actually managing to shoot her the next time. Lauren reassured her that she could handle it.

With Marcos and Caitlin out to recover the medicine from a nearby hospital, John stayed behind to watch over Clarice, as well as Andy and Lauren. When Andy asked who Clarice is, John informed him that Clarice is a refugee who escaped from jail when the underground found her. She was arrested after using a portal to steal food from a supermarket. This is a common occurrence among those in the mutant community who can't hide their mutations. As John continued, Clarice was getting uneasy, as sweat coated her face. Clarice convulsed again, causing her abilities, once again, to uncontrollably manifest. John ordered Sonya to get everyone to safety as he ran to the portal on the same road as before. This time, numerous civilians and officers stood on the other side. As Lauren went towards the portal to force-close it, the officers called for backup. As Lauren struggled to get the portal to close, Clarice was getting restless on the table. When she finally managed to close the portal, Clarice was merely stabilized for a while. John commented that that was way too close, and told them to yell if anything were to happen, before leaving them.


Clarice's eyes turning white

Later, John returned as Blink was fully conscious now. Her condition worsening as she continued to writhes in pain. John said that the people would need to evacuate, but Sonya thought the opposite, reasoning that they couldn't abandon the place. John was afraid that Lauren wouldn't be able to keep up with her portals that appeared every few minutes. Just then, Clarice created another portal. This time, Lauren couldn't close the portal, for it was stronger than before. With the SWAT team now on the other side, and Lauren unable to control the portal, the men in military gear go to shoot. As One of the men entered the portal with his weapon drawn, John picked him up and threw him back to the other side. Andy rushed in front of John and manifested his powers that launched SWAT into the air, sending them flying backward, as well as everyone else around him, including Clarice. Clarice fell from the table and fell unconscious, causing the portal to shut. John rushed to her side as he tried to get her to regain her consciousness. At the departure of that portal, many more portals emerged in its wake, that scattered throughout the headquarters, prompting all the mutants to evacuate.


Caitlin stabilizing Clarice's potassium levels

Caitlin finally returned with the medicine as she raced inside the headquarters, and went through a portal that led straight to John and an unconscious Clarice. After Caitlin injected her with medicine, it stabilized her potassium levels, causing the portals to disappear and immediately relieved her of the pain. Later, when she laid in the hospital bed, she apologized profusely to John for making a mess of the place, nearly killing fellow mutants in the process. John’s only concern was what is special about the location she kept opening a portal to, to which Blink demurred claiming that she knew nothing of it. Skeptical of her response, he only replied that they'd talk about it later.

In eXodus, Marcos entertained the idea of using Blink's powers to break Lorna out of prison. John and Caitlin disagreed, worried that Blink's powers wouldn't work properly after what Blink went through the last time she over-exerted her powers, but Marcos suggested that he train her to control her powers instead. Sonya chimed in, agreeing with Eclipse, reasoning that Lorna was her friend and besides, Blink managed to get herself out of jail, so maybe she would be capable of doing this. Initially reluctant to try this idea out, John finally agreed.


Clarice demonstrating her inability to create portals

Later on, John approached Clarice with their plan of using her powers. However, Clarice had bad news; her powers were "broken" ever since she got sick, in addition, her purple mark had extended in size, ending just above her eyebrow. John reassured her that abilities don't break, most mutants first access their abilities from strong emotions and they can sometimes be unreliable. However, something they could work on to get her powers back is to channel something positive.

Training had begun for Clarice. As they walked down the narrow path, Clarice explained to John that she'd always channeled fear that allowed her to access her powers. Always on the run, with the constant fear of being caught, gave her the ability to create portals faster so that she could escape tough situations. So according to Clarice, being scared is a big part of it. While Clarice believed that she had to be scared to access her powers, John disagreed, sharing some Marine training about simply holding on to something that she cared about most and made her happy, channeling that instead, to access her powers.


Clarice trying to create a portal by channeling positive thoughts

But what if I don't have anything, Clarice wondered. She managed to think of "warm jelly doughnut", using that craving to try and create a portal. She was able to spark a small portal but could only hold it stable for a moment, as she was overcome by fear that what happened to the headquarters may happen again. As John told her not to focus on the fear, his tracking abilities kicked in, as he inspected the bushes, noticing and footprints and other signs of the Struckers leaving the hideout.

Later, Clarice was back inside the headquarters as she tried to create portals, but to no avail. Seeing Clarice frustrated, Sonya approached her informing her that Lorna was counting on them to help her, to which Clarice remarked that's what everyone's telling her. Clarice briefed her on John's advice during their training, to which Sonya tried to coax out any important people she may have in her life, like a boyfriend or even a girlfriend, but Clarice claimed to have none, and told Sonya to inform her "boyfriend" that his advice wasn't working. Taken by surprise by Clarice's assumption of John being her boyfriend, Sonya asked Clarice what made her come to such conclusion. It was the way she looked at him and how she was the only one who called him "Johnny". Sonya then revealed that her and John once dated but stopped once they began working together for the Mutant Underground.


Dreamer planting fake memory of her and Thunderbird in Blink's mind

John called Sonya for help while he, Marcos, and the Struckers were being pursued by civilians seeking to collect the bounty for the fugitive mutants. Knowing Clarice was the only one who could save everyone with a portal, Sonya approached Clarice and asked for help. After Clarice said she couldn't create a portal, Sonya exhaled a pink cloud of smoke onto Clarice which implanted an intense romantic memory of John and Clarice in which they kissed in a tender embrace in the rain. Clarice, now with a strong emotional connection to John, was able to create a portal to transport everyone to safety. Clarice immediately embraced John, happy to see him safe.


Clarice and Zingo at Underground meeting

In eXit strategy, Clarice and Zingo joined the Underground as John and Marcos informed them that Lorna and Reed Strucker were being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services regional Headquarters. However, they would soon be relocated to an ultra secure facility, which the Underground didn't have much knowledge on beyond the fact that the people who go there, don't come back, thus forcing their hand in a direct attack on the Sentinel Services. Unfortunately, no one was eager in going up against Sentinel Services given that the last time they did so, it resulted in the deaths of six of their people. To make matters worse, last time was merely an attack on a relocation center with a fence and a few guard towers. This time around they wanted to infiltrate a prison, whose systems had improved. Extrapolating from other attacks, the Underground had an 86.5% chance of failure, Sage concluded. But if they did nothing, then there's was a 100% chance of never seeing Reed or Lorna again. With Lorna having been captured while trying to save her, Clarice felt it only right that she join in on the mission to rescue her.


Caitlin and Clarice discussing the prion break-in

In the monitoring cell, Clarice, John, Marcos, Sonya, Caitlin, and Harry discussed the method in which they were to attack the prison. If there was a window, Clarice could portal everyone in, but they would also have to take into account the guards and cameras. Unfortunately, Harry's cloaking abilities would only work on the guards, leaving them visible to the cameras. Caitlin then suggested that rather than going into the building, they rescue Lorna and Reed while they're in route to be relocated. While this was admittedly a good idea, they didn't know the route for transportation. Fortunately, Marcos could gain intel on the route from the Cartel, though John was very much against him going to them for a favor because the last time Marcos got involved with the Cartel, he barely got out.

In the middle of the night, Clarice woke up in a sweat after dreaming about her and John having a passionate moment outside the station. She checked the clock to see that it was 3:30 AM. Oddly enough, she was sleeping in her shoes.


Harry, Clarice, Caitlin, Sonya, and John planning

That morning, the team gathered in the monitoring cell to discuss what Marcos had learned from the Cartel; a convoy of military vehicles was taking Lorna and Reed to a military airport. Based on the route, the best place to hit the convoy was at an old warehouse district off Peach tree. John asked Clarice if she could open a portal to get the two of them on the transport bus. If the driver can see out, then I can see in, Clarice replied. But if the bus was moving, it could get messy, meaning they would have to stop it first, without arousing suspicion, which wouldn't be an easy task. Never mind the fact that Marcos hadn't returned yet, Sonya was wondering when they would receive the time frame for the convoy, though this was a question only Marcos could answer. Brainstorming on ways to stop the transport bus, Clarice suggested that maybe Marcos could melt the ties, though this was far from the subtle approach they were hoping for, considering that a battle would surely ensue. John reminded them that the task at hand was to get Reed and Lorna without killing anyone, so they needed a better plan on stopping the bus.


Thunderbird and Blink in position at the warehouse district

After a night of struggling to sleep due to the memory of her and John that she couldn't seem to shake, Blink and Thunderbird got into position at the warehouse district, in preparation for the convoy's arrival, which would be showing up soon enough. From where they were positioned, it should be a straight shot into the bus. Thunderbird then asked Blink if she was alright. Clarice explained that she wasn't sleeping well. Thunderbird reasoned that this was due to the adjustments at the station, with people constantly coming and going. Anything's better than jail, she remarked. As for Thunderbird, it was almost impossible for him in the beginning, which came as a surprise to Blink. Given the fact that he seemed so "soldier-y", she didn't think anything would be difficult for him. Thunderbird told her that originally it was just him and Polaris with an impossible task. So, Blink asked if he ever though about walking away. All the time, Thunderbird replied. The only thing stopping him was his mission in saving people in need, though everyone always found their own reasons to stay. With the memory constantly on her mind, Blink asked Thunderbird if they went outside together the first night they met. Thunderbird told her that they hadn't.


Blink's portals being disrupted

With Lauren and Andy in position on the rooftop to use their combined abilities to blow the tire of the transport bus, Blink and Thunderbird got in place as the convoy entered the warehouse district. They waited for Andy and Lauren to disengage the bus' tire at the designated location, though they failed to do so. While Lauren and Andy did eventually manage to stop the bus, it wasn't at the location in which had planned, which forced Blink and Thunderbird to go searching for the bus' position. After Thunderbird rammed his way through a solid wall, they found the bus a little further down the road. Blink attempted to portal herself and Thunderbird into the bus, but something was interfering with her portals, though it wasn't just her powers, Thunderbird couldn't track either. It's impossible, Thunderbird remarked, though Clarice had not the slightest clue to what he was referring to. He then revealed that there was only one person he had ever known who could disrupt mutant abilities. His named was Pulse. He was Thunderbird's best friend who could not only disrupt electronics, but suppress mutant abilities as well. They thought he had died two years ago while attacking the relocation center, clearly they were wrong, as he was working for Sentinel Services. As Thunderbird headed out to deal with Pulse, he instructed Blink to check in on the others.

After Thunderbird had taken care of Pulse, Blink regained access to her powers, allowing her to rip a portal open for Dreamer and a wounded Harry to escape

In boXed in, Clarice applied pressure to Harry's gunshot wound until Caitlin arrived to take over, during which time, Clarice was instructed to get clean gauze, towels, and painkillers.


Clarice overhearing Shatter and Sonya's conversation

While gathering medical supplies in the supply room with Sonya, Shatter entered to speak with Sonya about Reed Strucker, and how they might need her to "do her thing". If the Underground decided that he was no longer welcome after nearly leading Sentinel Services right to them, they would need Sonya to make him forget about the station and everyone in it. Sonya agreed. But only if John permitted it. However, Shatter stated that they might have to do it even if he didn't. Clarice was intrigued by their conversation given her current predicament, so as Shatter exited the room, she inquired about Sonya's ability, concluding that she could erase memories. Sonya corrected Clarice, explaining that she could manipulate memories, and sometimes they used it for security purposes. Hearing this peaked Clarice's interested even further, though Sonya cut her off before she could follow up with any further questioning.

After Sonya received a call for help from Marcos, who along with Lorna, had kidnapped a Sentinel Services agent, she approached Clarice to ask if she could teleport them to the warehouse in which their fellow Underground members were located. Shortly after their arrival, followed the arrival of Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD, who had tracked Marcos, Lorna, and Agent Turner down to the warehouse.


Eclipse, Blink, Dreamer, and Polaris at the ware house

With Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD getting in position to infiltrate, Eclipse asked Blink if she could get them back to Headquarters if the situation escalated. Maybe, Blink replied. While this didn't exude confidence, she explained that "it's a bit more taxing tearing holes into space than it is turning your hands into flashlights". With Agent Turner having knowledge on what happened to Pulse, they looked to Dreamer to enter his mind, and gather what she could from his memories. Blink silently observed, seemingly growing increasingly angry as she suspected Dreamer of having something to do with the recurring dream she had been having of herself with John, where they are involved in a passionate embrace. Looking to hold the agents off while Dreamer looked through Agent Turner's memories, Polaris used her powers to launch rebar out the window, at the agents, forcing them to momentarily retreat. However, this didn't hold them off for long, as they retaliated by sending in tear gas, forcing them to evacuate via Blink's portal.


Clarice confronting Sonya

Later that night, Clarice had worked up the courage to confront Sonya over her suspicions, directly asking her memories had been manipulated. She told Sonya that while watching her in action with Agent Turner, she remembered a conversation that they began to have last week. However, she could no longer remember the conversation, and now she couldn't go ten minutes without a memory of her and John surfacing. With no other option, Sonya confessed to placing the memory in Clarice's head. She explained that her actions were to save John and the others, who were in danger, but Clarice was incapable of using her powers as they needed her to. So, Sonya forged a connection between her and John in order to anchor her her abilities. Clarice was furious as Sonya had no right to violate her. Were you ever going to tell me, Clarice asked. What Sonya did was wrong, and now Clarice had to live with the memory of loving someone she barely knew, someone who didn't love her back. Sonya offered to remove the memory, but oddly enough, Clarice chose to keep it, simply telling Sonya to stay away from her.


Clarice talking with John about Sonya's implanted memory

In got your siX, while in the vault with Zingo, Clarice was asked by John if she could portal them into the Baton Rouge Federal Building, where they believed there was information to be found on Sentinel Services and what they did to Pulse. So is that all we need to talk about, Clarice asked John. She was tired of being their "portable door maker". Clarice then told him about the memory that Sonya stuck in her head without mentioning it to her or even asking permission. A memory that she was sure that John was familiar with because it was of him. John apologized. He asked Sonya not to manipulate Clarice's memories, but when she did, he decided not to say anything about it. John explained that Sonya did it to save the team, and afterward, they still needed Clarice's help. She concluded that John didn't want to tell her the truth because he wanted to continue using her for her powers. Clarice had her own issues to sort and her own people to find. John offered to help, but she declined. The only thing Clarice wanted from him was the truth. She asked if the way he looked at her was genuine, when they were in the warehouse. John couldn't give her the answer she desired, claiming it was complicated. As a means to uncomplicate things, she decided to leave the station via portal.

A couple days had past since Clarice's abrupt exit of the station, and she had since found herself entering a vacant building of some sort.


Clarice hidden in the building

In eXtreme measures, Clarice has taken up temporary residency in an abandoned building. Upon hearing the door open, she jumped to her feet, and was prepared to teleport elsewhere until realizing that it was only John. He noted that she was tough to track given that she didn't leave much of a trail, which Clarice pointed out was intentional. John apologized yet again for not telling her the truth about the memory that Sonya had placed in her head without permission, which Clarice could still see. She described it as being a bad soap opera that she couldn't escape. John revealed that he tracked Clarice down to convince her to return to the station because she wasn't safe, though Clarice had a difficult time believing that John was truly concerned for her safety. John admitted that Clarice's safety isn't the only reason he came looking for her. The Underground needed her, though Clarice had greater concerns, stating that it was John's battle, not hers. John inquired about her concerns, to which Clarice told him that she was trying to find that countryside road that she kept portalling to when she got sick. She learned from the Underground that nothing is random. There's always a reason to why they use their powers, leaving Clarice to conclude that the road held some form of significance to her. John volunteered to help her find it because she had no idea where she was headed, but Clarice claimed she didn't need his help. John owed her, if nothing else. While she was initially resistant, Clarice eventually agreed to allow him to assist her in finding the road.


Clarice watching John track

While Clarice and John tracked down the road that she kept trying to portal to when she fell ill, John asked if she remembered anything about it. Unfortunately, she didn't, reminding him that she was unconscious during the repeated portalling. She figured that there would be something about it in the news, but Sentinel Services were good about covering up mutant incidents. With that being said, Clarice appreciated John's quest for redemption, but they were obviously wasting their time since he had failed in finding the road. With her no longer having any use for him, Clarice instructed John to leave her alone. However, he desperately wanted to help. However, she didn't believe it was possible without a trail to follow. But John wasn't so sure that this was true considering that she could have a trail inside her. While Clarice wasn't in the mood for any of his "hippy new-age talk", John explained that when an animal is hurt or scared, their instinct is to take themselves to a place of safety, such as a nest or burrow. John believed that Clarice had her very own version of a burrow at one point, where she felt loved and safe. They just needed to find it.


Clarice crying

Headed down a semi-familiar road, John asked Clarice what did the house look like, where she grew up. It wasn't too big, a one story home for mutant foster kids, but only for the ones that couldn't pass as human. Clarice was only there for a couple years, back when she was supposed to be in high school. John asked why she decided to leave. Clarice told him that while the couple who ran the foster home was caring, their idea of keeping the mutants safe was to hide them away forever, which really sucked when you're fifteen, Clarice added. As they headed further down the dirt road, she recognized the upcoming farm gate. Just past the gate was the farm house that she lived in. Clarice ran towards her former home. however, as she did so, John's informed her to stay back, as his foresight had activated, which allowed him to see a glimpse of the past, during which time, he watched Sentinel Services storm the house. However, hearing this only made Clarice want to enter the home even more. She reached the front door, but it was locked. After John punched through the locked door, Clarice entered, calling out to Carl and Denise. In the kitchen, they discovered two distinct pools of blood and the back door riddled with bullet holes. Saddened by the gruesome scene, Clarice began to cry, and John comforted her.


Clarice agreeing to join the fight against Sentinel Services

Just outside the farm house, after John had found whatever traces he could, he informed Clarice that it looked as if her foster parents died trying to protect some of the foster kids. Given that her portals brought Sentinel Services to the area, Clarice blamed herself for the attack on the foster home. However, as John explained, she didn't pull the trigger, and she wasn't responsible for anyone else's actions. He then gave her another hug. Clarice sought to revisit her previous statement about the war with Sentinel Services not being her fight. While she didn't know if it was before, it sure as hell is now.

That night, Clarice returned to the Underground with John, ready to wage war with Sentinel Services for attacking her foster home.


Clarice telling Sonya that they are soldiers of war

In threat of eXtinction, as Clarice prepared to head out with John and Marcos to pick up the remaining survivors from a fallen station in Perry, she was approached by Sonya, who had noticed the awkward tension between the two of them, and wanted to face it head on, hoping that there weren't any hard feelings. Understandably, Clarice was still upset for the memory that Sonya had place in her head without her permission. She only returned to the Underground because her foster parents were slaughtered by Sentinel Services, and she sought to avenge them. They were at war, which she and Sonya happened to be on the same side of, however, that should not be mistaken for a friendship.


Blink opening a portal for John

Upon Blink, Thunderbird, and Eclipse's arrival at the Eternal Grace Church, where they had been sent to collect the survivors of the fallen Perry station, the pastor told them that a dozen refugees fled when their station got hit, plus a few mutant strays that came along the way. After opening the shed where the survivors were hidden, Blink noticed a young mutant girl with blue skin, hiding in the darkened cornered. She told the little girl that everything was alright, before extending her hand to guide her. Thunderbird was then attacked by one of Sentinel Services' mutant agents, later to be identified as Chloe Tan. With the combined abilities of enhanced strength and speed, she took out several mutants relatively easily. Fortunately, with his laser beams, Eclipse managed to keep her confined to one space long enough for Blink to open a portal, and for Thunderbird to jump through it, thus teleporting himself right above Chloe, who he then tackled to the ground and rendered unconscious.


Clarice watching Chloe in her cell

After returning to Headquarters, they locked Chloe in a cell, where they believed her to be a cross between a spy and a suicide bomber. She had a beacon in her back that she could've activated when she got into the station, which would've compromised everything by leading Sentinel Services directly to them. She had weapons as well, leaving Lorna to conclude that the station in Perry must've been hit by another mutant like Chloe, who was slamming herself up against the cell in an attempt to escape. With Sentinel Services sending out mutant agents, Sage suggested that they stop taking in refugees for the time being. However, the Underground had no intentions on turning its back on desperate people just because one of them might be dangerous. As for Chloe, they needed to get what they could out of her, which John left Lorna and Marcos in charge of.

On her way up the steps, Clarice noticed the young mutant girl from before, sitting by herself, on the bench. Clarice took a seat next to her, and the two exchanged pleasantries, during which time, the girl said her name was Norah. Admittedly, it got chaotic back at the Church, so Clarice asked Norah if she wanted to talk about it, but she didn't. If Norah changed her mind, Clarice said to come find her at her bunk. Before leaving, she gave Norah a blanket, in case she got cold.


Clarice, Norah, and Zingo

Clarice came down the stairs to the sight of Norah petting Zingo. Clarice claimed that the dog was pretty particular about the people she liked, Clarice and Norah were lucky enough to be two of them, which Clarice stated was due to the fact that they were special. Most of the mutants walking around the station were unidentifiable from humans, unlike them, as Clarice had pointed ears and green eyes while Norah had blue skin. And even Zingo had fur. On a more serious note, Clarice asked how Norah ended up at the Church. Norah explained that she and Mama D were making dinner when Sentinel Services arrived. It was then that Clarice realized that Norah was from the same foster home as her. Norah wanted to fight, but she was of no use against Sentinel Services. Now, every time she goes to bed, she saw them at night. Hearing this from Norah hit close to home for Clarice given that she not only used to live there, but that she felt responsible for the attack.


Sonya taking away Norah's memory

Upon finding Sonya outside the station, tending to the flowers, Clarice apologized about her previous behavior. She then revealed that she needed a favor from Sonya. Clarice told her about Norah, who had the same foster parents as her. Clarice went on to explain that back when she got sick, the road that she kept trying to portal to was where the foster home was located. And this was how Sentinel Services tracked them down. Norah watched them die, and she couldn't stop dreaming about it. Clarice took full responsibility for the incident, but she couldn't do anything to help Norah. Although, Sonya could. She could take away the memory of Mama D and Carl's death, which Sonya agreed to do.

In outfoX, Clarice is present when Esme is trying to convince her, John, Lorna, Marcos, Sonya and Sage to infiltrate and attack Trask Industries, but failed because of the lack of information about its building structure and security.

Esme uses her powers on Lorna which convinces her to attack Trask Industries. Later, Clarice attends the meeting for preparations of the attack on Trask Industries and is assigned to take out the power plant, along with Sonya, Andy and Lauren.

Arriving at the power plant, Blink used her powers to get inside. There, Dreamer took the lead of going to the main power source in order for Andy and Lauren to destroy. With a few close encounters with the employees, they managed to slip past. However, Sentinel Services soon arrive and managed to find out there were mutants in the building, which causes Reed and Caitlin to alarm Dreamer in order for them to escape. Blink tries to create a portal, however, due to panic and the hallways looking alike, she has trouble which leads her to not be able to create one. When Andy fails to destroy a sentinel, Blink told them to run. She is then hit and captured by a sentinel as Dreamer, Andy and Lauren make a run for it.

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There isn't much known of Blink's personality, however, she's been described as tough, and having a stand-off attitude, which is a direct result of the treatment she received her entire life for being a mutant. Because of this, she grew to be socially awkward and never really had any friends, though she did gain a strong sense of independence, especially having always been on the run.[4][5]

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Blink has natural black hair with magenta highlights. She has green eyes and is of Asian descent. Blink is incapable of walking the streets without being recognized as a mutant due to her eyes, pointed ears, and the faded purple birthmark on the right side of her face. The faded purple mark on her face has increased in size ending just above her eyebrow due to the exertion of her powers.

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  • Portal Creation: Blink possess the ability to teleport via portals from one location to another. She's also capable of holding the portals open for extended periods of time, thus allowing others to pass through as well. Visually, these portals give off a distinctive, bright blue, purple and pink glow. Notably, Blink does not have full mastery of her abilities. Opening portals and holding them open is psychically exhausting as she's still learning the full extent of her powers. As of now, her abilities are quite limited but she has displayed great potential with them. When motivated, Blink has been able to transport groups of people and a speeding car. Blink can also use her portals offensively to tear things apart or cut them in half. Blink can't teleport to places that she can't see or hasn't been to before. Attempting to do so can result in whatever passes through the portal not making it through the other side intact. [4]

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  • She made her first appearance in the 1994 comic series titled "Uncanny X-Men #317". In the comics, her last name is Ferguson, while in the series it is Fong.
    • The change to her last name was most liked done to complement her Asian ancestry. In the comics, Blink is not Asian, she is Bahamian.
  • Blink, along with the Stepford Cuckoos, are the only characters in the show who have also appeared in the X-Men film franchise, making an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where she was portrayed by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.
  • Blink mentions to Polaris that she has mutant relatives that were bad people. This is an allusion to the comics, where Blink is a descendant of Apocalypse, a prominent villain in most X-Men media.

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