I know no mutant has ever escaped before. What can I say, I'm different
— Blink

Blink (birth name Clarice Fong) is a main character on The Gifted. She is a Mutant with the ability to teleport via portals.

She has spent a vast majority of her life on the run or in detention centers, simply for being born different. Unlike a lot of mutants, her markings are fairly visible, which led to constant persecution.

Character Description Edit

"Sarcastic, lively and a bit of a tomboy. Her naturally strong exuberance has taken a hit after a sudden and traumatic upheaval of her life. As she adjusts to the new people and places that are suddenly “home,” she is slowly becoming herself again."[1]

Early Life Edit

Season 1Edit


Blink going through a portal to escape the police

In Exposed, Blink, a fugitive, was on the run from the Atlanta police. After getting cornered in an alley, she was able to use her mutant ability to create a portal and transport herself to safety. She hid in an abandoned workshop where Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Polaris found her. Panicking, she threw whatever is in front of her, a coffee maker followed by a cup, but Eclipse managed to dodge them. They tried to gain her trust by explaining that they were mutants just like her, Polaris demonstrated her control over magnetism by yanking the steel stapler out of Blink's hand. Eclipse and Polaris introduced themselves as Marcos and Lorna. Marcos tried to assure her that they had been in the same place as her, but if she went with them, they will get her a place to stay. However, their introductory meeting was disrupted as the police surrounded the abandoned workshop they were hiding in. Blink, Polaris and Eclipse joined Thunderbird at the main room.

After killing the lights, Polaris and Thunderbird took cover on the wall, observing the police as they pulled up. Polaris stepped out in front of the window and gestured her hands in a downward motion, which sent out a wave of energy so powerful that it takes out the police cruisers. That's when the police open fire. Blink hid behind a wall and Polaris took cover behind the wall, as she instructed Thunderbird to find them a way out while she held off law enforcement. Polaris used her abilities once more to disable the cops and halt the firing bullets. With the police applying pressure, Eclipse came to Polaris' rescue, emitting a blinding light from his hands, which in return both stunned the police and provided Polaris with the opportunity to escape as well as Blink.

As Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Blink exited the building and made their way back to the getaway vehicle, despite their efforts to take down the police by using their mutant abilities, a cop appeared behind them and shot Eclipse in the arm. Blink managed to get inside the getaway vehicle, soon followed by Thunderbird who was dragging Eclipse inside the car so he wouldn't run after a captured Polaris.


Blink showing Eclipse her powers

Later on, Clarice arrived at the Mutant Underground Headquarters, as Sage talked to her. After getting settled in, Clarice went to thank Marcos for saving her, especially that he lost his girlfriend in the process. Marcos was trying to find a way to rescue Lorna, and though he thought Blink’s ability to create portals could help, she explained that in order to teleport herself, she would've had to have been in the place before. Marcos didn't understand, so Blink illustrated it by using a toy to teleport it through the roof, a place she hadn't seen before. When it came out of the roof, it was cut in half.

Their conversation was interrupted when Marcos received a call from Reed Strucker. Clarice overheard Marcos meeting someone about helping a family. She kept her mouth shut, but after an hour had passed and he hadn't returned, trusting her judgment to do right by Lorna, she informed John about his meeting he attended alone. However, Clarice didn't know how they would track him down, but John reassured her that he managed to track her down, so he could also track down Marcos.


Blink keeping portal open

Blink and Thunderbird successfully tracked them all down, Eclipse and the Struckers took their cue from Thunderbird to run. The seven of them sprinted through the warehouse, as Sentinel Services unleashed their mutant-hunting robots, the sentinels. Eclipse and Lauren were able to keep them behind using their mutant abilities while Blink created a portal for them all to retreat through. Everyone, except Andy and Reed, went through the portal. With Andy hyper-focused on destroying the sentinels, he telepathically forced them to explode before joining the others through the portal. Blink couldn't hold the portal open for much longer, but while Reed was waiting for his son to enter the portal, he got injured before he got the chance to enter the portal after Andy, as Blink had to shut the portal because it was too for much her to bear. Reed was left for capture on the other side, as Blink collapsed on the other side.

In rX, as Clarice regained consciousness, Marcos held up her head as he tried to get her to respond. She appeared to be suffering from some kind of reaction to holding her portal open for such an extensive amount of time and traveling as far as they did. He put her arm around him and led her out of the room, but they didn't make it far as Clarice was barely able to stand on her own two feet. Marcos then placed her on a bench by the stairs. The Struckers panicking about going back for Reed didn't seem to be helping, as Marcos told Andy that his father was planning to help him get his girlfriend, Lorna, out of jail, but as much as he wanted Reed there, they couldn't think of that right now.

Later on, Clarice's condition didn't improve, it was only growing increasingly unstable. Lauren called Marcos and John back down as Caitlin informed them that Clarice was in respiratory distress and her temperature was spiking, which meant she needed medical attention that only a hospital could provide. The Long-distance leap and holding her portal open for such an extensive amount of time really took a lot of energy out of her. Caitlin was a nurse, so she examined Clarice noting that her heart rate was faster than normal. Clarice then began convulsing causing her powers to become unstable. As Clarice was going into shock, her powers started to uncontrollably manifest, causing her to involuntarily open a portal to stretch of road where a truck was headed straight for them. As the truck tried to avoid them, it skidded out of control, as half of the truck got sliced off and came careening into the headquarters, as everyone took cover.


Clarice uncontrollably manifesting powers

After helping the others, John carried Clarice to a table in the back of the room by the vault. Marcos asked Caitlin that if she said that Clarice was over-exceeding her powers, how was she able to create a portal? Caitlin admitted that she wasn't an expert in that field. As Clarice started convulsing again, a new portal emerged, opening a path back to the same road as before. Civilians with loaded rifles stood on the other side of the portal looking in. Seeing this, Marcos was prepared for a fight. However, John grabbed his wrist and urged him to show restraint as they weren't to hurt innocent bystanders. Before Marcos could do anything else, Lauren walked in front of them and managed to close the portal using her force shields, thus preventing any possible altercation. This shut down Clarice's powers as she fell unconscious.

He then asked Caitlin if she could help Clarice from Headquarters if they managed to obtain the medicine needed, however, Caitlin stressed that this type of medicine cannot be bought at a local supermarket, she'd have to get in the Pyxis machine from the hospital if they were to have any luck in saving Clarice. Eclipse offered to take her to the hospital. He instructed Lauren to use her force shields if Clarice were to make another portal, however, Caitlin was afraid of leaving her daughter so close to the portal, in fear of the bystanders actually managing to shoot her the next time. Lauren reassured her that she could handle it.

With Marcos and Caitlin out to recover the medicine from a nearby hospital, John stayed behind to watch over Clarice, as well as Andy and Lauren. When Andy asked who Clarice is, John informed him that Clarice is a refugee who escaped from jail when the underground found her. She was arrested after using a portal to steal food from a supermarket. This is a common occurrence amongst those in the mutant community who can't hide their mutations. As John continued, Clarice was getting uneasy, as sweat coated her face. Clarice convulsed again, causing her abilities, once again, to uncontrollably manifest. John ordered Sonia to get everyone to safety as he ran to the portal, with the same road as before. This time, numerous civilians and officers stood on the other side. As Lauren went towards the portal to force-close it, the officers called for backup. As Lauren struggled to get the portal to close, Clarice was getting restless on the table. When she finally managed to close the portal, Clarice was merely stabilized for a while. John commented that that was way too close, and told them to yell if anything were to happen, before leaving them.


Clarice's eyes turning white

Later, John returned, as Blink was fully conscious now. Her condition was worsening, as she continued to writhe in pain commenting how she had to get away. John said that the people would need to evacuate, but Sonia thought the opposite, reasoning that they couldn't abandon the place. John was afraid that Lauren wouldn't be able to keep up with her portals that appeared every few minutes. Just then, Clarice created another portal. This time, Lauren couldn't close the portal, for it was stronger than before. With the SWAT team now on the other side, and Lauren unable to control the portal, the men in military gear go to shoot. As One of the men entered the portal with his weapon drawn, John picked him up and threw him back to the other side. Andy rushed in front of John and manifested his powers that launched SWAT into the air, sending them flying backward, as well as everyone else around him, including Clarice. Clarice fell from the table and fell unconscious, causing the portal to shut. John rushed to her side as he tried to get her to regain her consciousness. At the departure of that portal, many more portals emerged in its wake, that scattered throughout the headquarters, prompting all the mutants to evacuate.


Caitlin stabilizing Clarice's potassium levels

Caitlin finally returned with the medicine as she raced inside the headquarters, and went through a portal that led straight to John and an unconscious Clarice. After Caitlin injected her with medicine, it stabilized her potassium levels, causing the portals to disappear and immediately relieved her of the pain. Later, when she laid in the hospital bed, she apologized profusely to John for making a mess of the place, nearly killing fellow mutants in the process. John’s only concern was what is special about the location she kept opening a portal to, to which Blink demured claiming that she knew nothing of it. Sceptical of her response, he only replied that they'd talk about it later.

Personality Edit

There isn't much known of Blink's personality, however, she's been described as tough, and having a stand-off attitude, which is a direct result of the treatment she received her entire life for being a mutant. Because of this, she grew to be socially awkward and never really had any friends, though she did gain a strong sense of independence, especially having always been on the run.[2][3]

Physical Appearance Edit

Blink has natural black hair with magenta highlights. She has green eyes and is of Asian descent. Blink is incapable of walking the streets without being recognized as a mutant due to her eyes, pointed ears, and the faded purple birthmark on the right side of her face.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Teleportation: Blink possess the ability to teleport via portals from one location to another. She's also capable of holding the portals open for extended periods of time, thus allowing others to pass through as well. Visually, these portals give off a distinctive, bright blue, purple and pink glow. Notably, Blink does not have full mastery of her abilities. Opening portals and holding them open is psychically exhausting as she's still learning the full extent of her powers. As of now, her abilities are quiet limited. Blink can't teleport to places that she can't see or hasn't been to before. Attempting to do so can result in whatever passes through the portal not making it through the other side intact. [2]

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Appears
rX Appears
eXodus Appears
eXit Strategy N/A
boXed in N/A
got your siX N/A
quick fiX N/A
threat of eXtinction N/A
outfoX N/A
To Be Announced N/A

Trivia Edit

  • She made her first appearance in the 1994 comic series titled "Uncanny X-Men #317".
  • Blink is the only character in the show who has already had their debut in the X-Men franchise, making an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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References Edit

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