Chloe Tan was a minor character on The Gifted. She was a mutant with super speed and strength.

Early Life Edit

Chloe Tan was a mutant who lived in a trailer park outside of Jasper, GA. One day her daughter got sick and the pediatrician wouldn't treat mutants, so she destroyed the doctor's office. After that, the Sentinel Services arrested her, killed her husband and took her daughter.

She was sent to a Trask Industries lab in a building North of Atlanta, where she was turned into a Hound and got addicted to a drug called Kick.

Season 1Edit

In threat of eXtinction, Chloe was planted as a spy within a group of mutant refugees hiding out in a church. Esme, a fellow refugee and a telepath, picked up "weird" thoughts from Chloe while they were in hiding. When the Mutant Underground came to rescue them, Esme disclosed her suspicions about Chloe to Thunderbird, where he discovered that she was branded with a Hound tattoo. With her cover blown, Chloe attacked Thunderbird and the other mutants, but Eclipse was able to hold her at bay using his solar beams. Thunderbird was able to knock Chloe unconscious by launching an attack using one of Blink's portals.

Chloe was taken to the Mutant Underground Headquarters, where the group discovered that she had a tracking beacon placed on her. They destroyed it and decided to hold Chloe within a cell for questioning. When she refused to answer their questions, Polaris had Dreamer try to extract memories from Chloe, but the Hound's erratic movements and fast metabolism made it impossible for Dreamer's power to have any effect on her. With no other options, Polaris tried threatening Chloe by hovering knives in her direction, but Eclipse stopped her from going through with it.

Eclipse noted that Chloe was exhibiting withdrawal symptoms, and was able to deduce with Lauren Strucker that she was addicted to Kick. With Chloe on the verge of death, Caitlin Strucker suggested that they try and calm her in an attempt to gain information from her, likening it to situations where criminals reveal important details with their dying breaths. Lauren and Andy used their powers to restrain Chloe while Caitlin administered a sedative to knock her out.

Bound to a table, Chloe regained consciousness and struggled against her bonds. Although Caitlin succeeded in getting through to Chloe, her Hound programming made it impossible for her to communicate verbally. As a result, Caitlin decided to have Esme use her telepathic powers to read Chloe's mind, where they learn that Chloe's husband was killed by Sentinel Services and her daughter was captured. In addition, Esme was able to discover the location of Trask Industries before Chloe passed away.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about her personality before she was turned into a Hound. However, it's known that she was a devoted person to her family, especially to her daughter, who was refused medical treatment, which resulted in Chloe losing control of herself and destroying the office of the doctor who refused to treat her daughter. This cataclysm event lead her to her imprisonment at Trask Industries, where they forced her addiction to the mutant power enhancing drug, Kick.

Physical Appearance Edit

Chloe was a thin woman of Asian descent, with short black hair and dark brown eyes. After becoming addicted to Kick, Chloe's skin took on a pale pallor, and the area under her eyes became noticeably darker.

Abilities and Skills Edit

  • Super Speed: Chloe was able to move at a very high speed, becoming a distorted blur of motion that can move several feet in seconds. While moving, Chloe could generate enough force to send people flying and break bones with ease, simulating superhuman strength. Her abilities made able to fight Thunderbird on equal grounds while she was moving, though she could not fight him off when he restrained her from behind and Andy and Lauren could use their powers to push and hold her back, nullifying her motion.
    • Enhanced Metabolism: Chloe's speed extended to her metabolism, allowing her potential immunity to certain chemicals, such as Dreamer's memory manipulating mist. However, her metabolism was not enough to allow her immunity to the power-enhancing drug, Kick or powerful enough sedatives.
  • Superhuman Strength: Chloe possess superhuman strength, proven in her fight at Eternal Grace Church. Despite Thunderbird's own impressive strength and physical invulnerability, Chloe managed to take him down twice, though it should noted that she relied on a combination of her speed and strength to defeat him. Along with Thunderbird, she also managed to take down three mutant refugees with little to no effort, sending them flying across the parking lot with each attack.

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