I'm not a child anymore, Marcos. I'm a businesswoman. And I don't pull strings for men just because I used to be stupid in love with them. You think the price is flirting with me in my own club while you drink my tequila? The price is you. So from now on, I call, you come, and you do exactly what I ask you to do.
— Carmen to Eclipse[src]

Carmen Guerra is a recurring character in The Gifted. She is the current leader of the Guerra Cartel and was once romantically involved with Marcos Diaz.

Early LifeEdit

Before Carmen became the leader of the Cartel, her father was the boss. Marcos was a member of the Cartel and was treated like a son by Carmen's father. The two of them became romantically involved and supported each other through the business. Seeing as Carmen loved Marcos, her father expected him to marry his daughter and take over the family business when he retired. However, that never happened, as he left her for Lorna and work with the Mutant Underground. She soon was left to lead the Cartel after her father retired.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit


Carmen meets with Marcos to tell him that she runs the Cartel now.

In eXit Strategy, Marcos went to a club where the Cartel is operating from to talk to Carmen's father but ran into Carmen instead. Over drinks, Carmen told him that her father had retired and she was the leader of the Cartel now. Marcos then told her that he needs information on when and where the Sentinel Services will be transferring two fugitives to a new prison. She wondered which fugitives there were and quickly guessed that Polaris was one of them. She and Reed Strucker were being transferred by a convoy and he wanted to know the route they were taking so that he and the Underground could get them out. Carmen agreed to use her connections get the information for Marcos but in return, she wanted Marcos to come back to working for the Cartel whenever she needed him. Marcos reluctantly agreed.

After flirting with Marcos for a while Carmen took him to a place where she had a man who stole drugs from the cartel tied up in a chair and she wanted Marcos to use his powers to get the man to tell them where the drugs he stole are. Marcos approached the man and threatened to blind him with his powers, the man almost immediately told them where the drugs are. She watched it all with fondness and was happy that he got the information for her. In return, Carmen gave Marcos the information the mutant underground needed in order to rescue Polaris and Reed.

In got your siX, Carmen called Marcos and told her that she was cashing in on the favor that he owed her for giving him the information he needed to save Polaris. He tried to resist but she told him that if he refused then she would send a call to Sentinel Services.


Carmen meets with Eclipse to call in her favor

In eXtreme measures, Carmen reminded Eclipse that he owed her for giving him the information about the convoy and that it wasn't easy to get the information. She told him that she expected to see him the following day. When he arrived, she confessed that she almost thought he might not show up.

Eclipse asked what the job was and she explained that a Russian drug gang was moving into the Cartel's area and she wanted to send them a message by destroying a shipment of drugs that belongs to them. He told her that he wasn't going to kill anyone and she said that this wasn't about killing. She wanted him to use his powers to destroy their drug supplies and would even pay him handsomely as she knew that his mutant friends needed it.

When they started getting ready to head out, Carmen looked over at Eclipse and said that it would be like old times. Though he was trying to pass off that he wasn't happy about this, she reminded him that he used to enjoy doing this kind of work for her family. He told her that he found something else but she told him that all he did was simply discover his new magnet girl. When he saw that the others were planning to attack, he reminded her that he said no killing. She told him that there wouldn't be as they had a mutant of their own to handle the guards while he handled the shipment.


Carmen congratulating Eclipse for his work against her enemies

She, Eclipse and other Cartel members arrived at the place where the Russian where loading a truck with drugs, Her mutant used his power and froze the Russian guards in place while Eclipse used his powers to set the drugs on fire. After that, Carmen kissed Eclipse on the cheek as Polaris and Dreamer were unknowingly watching.

She had then kept her word and paid Eclipse a lot of money for the job and later sent him a text that he had done wonderfully that day.


Carmen is a very cunning young woman, she will do anything to get what she wants. When Marcos asks her for a favor of providing information about the Sentinel Services, she uses this to her advantage, making him pay her back in the form of exploiting his abilities to torture the Cartel's enemies whenever she needs him to. She's fairly outspoken, quick to say what's on her mind, and not one to bite her tounge, proven when she openly spoke ill of Polaris in front of Eclipse.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Carmen is a tall attractive young woman with a slim figure, long flowy black hair and brown eyes. Her clothing style is very formal and expensive, which compliments her high position in the Cartel.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Given that she is human, Carmen does not possess any mutant abilities. Also, she has yet to demonstrate any notable skills.


Season 1 Edit


  • Carmen is not a character from the Marvel Comics. She's an original character created for this series.