boXed in is the fifth episode of the first season of The Gifted. It is the fifth episode of the series overall.[2]

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SENTINEL SERVICES CLOSES IN ON THE MUTANT UNDERGROUND — Motivated by a tragic event from his past, Jace throws all the power of the Sentinel Services into finding the Mutant Underground Way Station. Meanwhile, Blink's vivid dreams lead her to confront Dreamer.[3]

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Thunderbird takes the Struckers back to the underground, where a mutant named Fade recognizes Reed as having been working with Turner; many of the underground's members are uncomfortable with Reed joining them. In order to prove his loyalty, Reed suggests using himself as bait to lure away the SS agents. Thunderbird tasks Fade with helping Reed, and they are successful. Meanwhile, Caitlin, Lauren, and Andy are able to save the life of an injured mutant, Trader. Having earned the underground's trust, the Struckers decide to stay and fight with them. Eclipse and Polaris attack an SS blockade and capture Turner. Dreamer and Clarice join them, as they are surrounded by SS. Dreamer begins searching Turner's memories for information, learning of the program that converted Pulse to an SS agent. She is unable to finish before they have to flee, leaving Turner believing that his daughter Grace is still alive despite her death during a mutant protest four years earlier. Clarice later confronts Dreamer about altering her memories

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  • The team uses a truck labeled "Claremont Interstate Movers." Chris Claremont developed the Morlocks during his extensive run as a writer on X-Men. A number of the mutants in the show come from the Morlocks

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