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"You Can't Escape What You Are"

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I know no mutant has ever escaped before. What can I say, I'm different
— Blink

Blink (birth name Clarice Fong) is a main character on The Gifted. She is a Mutant with the ability to teleport via portals.

She has spent a vast majority of her life on the run or in detention centers, simply for being born different. Unlike a lot of mutants, her markings are fairly visible, which led to constant persecution.

Character Description Edit

"Sarcastic, lively and a bit of a tomboy. Her naturally strong exuberance has taken a hit after a sudden and traumatic upheaval of her life. As she adjusts to the new people and places that are suddenly “home,” she is slowly becoming herself again."[2]

Backstory Edit

Season 1Edit

Personality Edit

There isn't much known of Blink's personality, however, she's been described as tough, and having a stand-off attitude, which is a direct result of the treatment she received her entire life for being a mutant. Because of this, she grew to be socially awkward and never really had any friends, though she did gain a strong sense of independence, especially having always been on the run.[3][4]

Physical Appearance Edit

Blink has natural black hair with magenta highlights. She has green eyes and is of Asian descent. Blink is incapable of walking the streets without being recognized as a mutant due to her eyes, and the faded purple birthmark on the right side of her face.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Teleportation: Blink possess the ability to teleport via portals from one location to another. She's also capable of holding the portals open for extended periods of time, thus allowing others to pass through as well. Visually, these portals give off a distinctive, bright blue, purple and pink glow. Notably, Blink does not have full mastery of her abilities. Opening portals and holding them open is psychically exhausting as she's still learning the full extent of her powers. As of now, her abilities are quiet limited. Blink can't teleport to places that she can't see or haven't been to before. [3]

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
Pilot Appears
A New World N/A
Pick a Side N/A
Reunion N/A
To Be Announced N/A
To Be Announced N/A
To Be Announced N/A
To Be Announced N/A
To Be Announced N/A
To Be Announced N/A

Trivia Edit

  • She made her first appearance in the 1994 comic series titled "Uncanny X-Men #317".
  • So far, Blink is the only character in the show who has already had their debut in the X-Men franchise, making an appearance in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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