So, what's the verdict this time? Am I stupid or crazy?
— Andy

Andrew "Andy" Strucker is a main character on The Gifted. He is the mutant son of Caitlin and Reed Strucker. He has inherited the same unspecified, yet destructive abilities as his great grandfather Andreas Von Strucker. The day he first discovered his powers changed not just his life, but the lives of his whole family as well.

Character Description Edit

"A sensitive kid and bit of a loner, who keeps to himself to avoid the turmoil he faces at school and at home."[1]

Early Life Edit

Once, he and his family nearly got into a car accident with an incoming truck but it managed to swerve out of the way, avoiding them. Unknowingly, this was due to his sister's mutant powers manifesting and saving them.

A year prior to discovering he was a mutant, he and his family had gone bowling with his grandmother and he saw some people teasing a young mutant girl. She let her powers lash out and send a small shockwave that rattled some of the people in the building and watched as his father told the girl and her father that they had to leave before the police had to be involved.

Later on in the year, Andy and his family went on a picnic to the park. Andy was skateboarding while Lauren watched. Andy showed Lauren a trick on his skateboard and he convinced her to try it out. When Lauren attempted to do the trick, she almost fell off; but Andy grabbed by her hand to try and catch her. The moment they touched, their hands began to glow igniting their combined powers. They both looked shocked at what they were seeing before their eyes. Andy and Lauren immediately let go after Reed called out to them. He asked if everything was ok, and Lauren said yeah as they were just messing around. That time stayed with Andy and he wondered just what had happened. It was after that time that he started getting detached and in trouble at school.

Season 1Edit

In eXposed, at Belleview Acres High School, Andy Strucker waited in the hallway as his parents sat in the principal's office, demanding that the school take action to prevent their son, Andy, from future bullying incidents, as it was affecting his academic performance as well as communication between him and his parents. Once home, he sat at the dinner table with his mother, Caitlin, and his sister, Lauren. His father couldn't make it to dinner because he was called in to interview a suspect at the Garland Detention Center.


Andy manifesting powers that destroy the gymnasium

Caitlin asked Andy how his day was at school, to which he talked about a debate they had in social studies class about the law they wanted to enforce to test people with the X-gene and monitor them. He mentioned someone in the class who freaked out, Andy's guess was that his cousin was a "mutie". Lauren mentioned how racist that sounded, as "mutie" is a derogatory term for referring to mutants. They got into an argument before their mother stopped it. Andy later sneaked out of the house, telling his mother he was going to bed, and attended a high school dance with his sister. At the dance Lauren and Andy separated and Andy was cornered and dragged to the locker room by his bullies. They proceeded to mock Andy for telling his parents about them and spray him with hot water from the locker room faucets. In this moment of panic, anger and danger Andy's X-Gene awakened with incredibly destructive results. Unleashing his mutant ability, Andy began to shake the entire school and slam his tormentors into the locker room walls without touching them. Unable to control his emotions and powers, the continued destruction nearly tore down the school gym until Lauren rushed into the locker room and calmed Andy enough to stop his enraged fit. Lauren and Andy quickly exited the school and ran home.

Once home Andy and Lauren told their mother what happened. In disbelief, their mother asked how this could happen. Lauren quickly came to Andy's defense saying this was beyond Andy's control as the X-Gene was triggered in moments of stress or danger and she knew this because she herself was a mutant and had been hiding her abilities for three years now. She first manifested her powers when she saved the family from a near-fatal car accident. Caitlin assured her children that her and their father were not against mutants right before Sentinel Services knocked on the door.


Agent Turner trying to take Andy and Lauren into custody

Agent Turner and Agent Week of the Sentinel Services were on the other side of the door, as Agent Turner explained that he was there to take Andy and Lauren into custody, recalling the recent news story of two mutants who committed an act of "terrorism" at the local high school, leaving the gymnasium destroyed. After Caitlin refused to let them in, they forced their way in, knocking Caitlin down. Andy began to shake the house as he angrily told the agents to leave their home. Agent Turner tried to calm him down, but when the shaking escalated, they pulled out their guns, ready to forcefully take them away. Lauren created force fields, trapping the agents, giving the Struckers enough time to run to their family van. As they attempted to flee with the van, the agents surrounded them. Andy tried to use his powers but couldn't control them. Lauren created a force field between the van and the agents and the family escaped.

Later when their father Reed Strucker met up with them at a diner, he told the family that sentinel services was a federal agency with little oversight that had "disappeared" mutant suspects in the past and he would not allow that to happen to his children. At the Caravan Motel, Andy and Lauren discussed their powers and Andy's frustration with his inability to control them. Lauren told Andy that with time he will learn to control them and demonstrated her ability by knocking popcorn loose from a vending machine and encouraging Andy to do the same. When he attempted this, initially having some control, his power escalated when his emotions from the incident at the dance took over, resulting in the machine being destroyed.


Andy destroying the Sentinels

Meeting with Eclipse from the Mutant Underground at an abandoned warehouse facility, the Struckers prepared to flee to Mexico, where Eclipse explained he knew people down by the border with a specific set of skills, that'd allow them to get people under, over, or even through the wall. Once that was done, they'd get them new IDs. However, their plan to escape never initiated, as they were surrounded by Sentinel Services. Luckily, Thunderbird and Blink came to their rescue and the family fled through a warehouse, as Sentinel Services unleashed their mutant-hunting robots, the Sentinels. The group was cornered, so Blink was instructed to create a portal to the Mutant Underground Headquarters which she couldn't keep open for long. The group made it through, except Andy and Reed. Reed was waiting for Andy, who was finally able to focus his powers and tear apart the sentinels. After he'd torn them apart, Andy joined the rest on the other side. Ready to follow after Andy, Reed made a move to go through the portal, but never made it through, as he was shot the back, and Blink unable to hold the portal open for much longer, had to close it. Reed was left for capture on the other side.


Andy watches as a portal opens

In rX, Andy and his mother and sister had started panicking as his father hadn't come back with them. They frantically asked for Blink to open a portal to go and get him but she was too weak to even stand. Eclipse told Andy that he wanted Reed back also because he was going to help his girlfriend out of jail but they had to relax as Blink was in no condition to help them now. Suddenly, Blink gasped as her body started going into shock and a portal opened to a random road. A car was approaching and swerved just before the portal closed and they all had to jump out of the way when the back of it crashed into the room.

His mother quickly checked to see if he or Lauren were hurt but they were okay. They noticed that their mom had gotten a small cut on her head but she dismissed it. Blink's power started to act on it's own again and a portal opened that led back to the same road. Andy watched as Lauren used her shield to surround and then close the portal. His mother then told the others that to help Blink she needed special medicine but it could only be picked up at a hospital. She, hesitantly, left with Eclipse while Andy and Lauren stayed behind at the headquarters so that Lauren could stay and help to keep closing the portals.


Andy uses his power to drive away the SWAT team from the portal

Andy watched as Lauren kept closing Blink's portals before people could come through into the headquarters. He was amazed at what his sister could do and complimented her. He then wondered if mutants drank soda and his sister reminded him that he was a mutant. He told her that the fact was still taking some time to sink in. As Blink's portals kept coming up to the road, they witnessed that a SWAT team was now on the scene. Lauren tried to close it but the strain was too much and she collapsed. A SWAT officer stepped in through the portal but Thunderbird quickly incapacitated him and threw him back out the portal. Andy then saw that the officers were getting ready to shoot and he quickly jumped forward and sent a wave of energy that sent the SWAT officers flying off their feet and even made the other mutants stumble a bit. Blink was thrown off the table and her portal closed back up.

But then her powers started going further out of control as small portals started popping up randomly through the building.When they were forced to evacuate, Andy and Lauren ran outside to find that their mother was back. She checked to see that they were both fine and then ran inside with the medicine to try and help Blink. Andy watched as the portals then stopped appearing after his mother administered the medicine.


Andy and Lauren are told by their mother that they will find their father

She then took him and his sister aside and told them that she was proud of both of them. Andy then asked what was going to happen with their dad and she told him that they would find them. Andy doubted that they would but his mother told him trust that they would. She said that the mutants there had been in this fight for a long time and it was now their turn.

In eXodus, Andy and Lauren tried to pass the time playing a board game but when he called a piece Lauren got upset with him. She explained that their father always was that piece when they played which made him get upset too. As they were sleeping, their mother came and woke them and told them that they were leaving. They snuck out of the headquarters and started to hike into the city to find their uncle and get his help.


Andy using his power to destroy parking meters

They carefully ducked through passing police cruisers but Andy told their mother that their uncle's home was across the city and they couldn't hike the whole way. When Lauren said they would get spotted and should get a cab, their mother explained that they didn't have money for one and their accounts were frozen. Andy then spotted a bank and suggested that he get them some money. Their mother told them they weren't going to rob a bank and Lauren said that they can't do things like that if they wanted to try and get their normal lives back. Andy then angrily pointed out that they were never going to have normal lives ever again. He then looked over at some parking meters and unleashed his power to break them apart, releasing the change in them. He then pointed out that they now had cab fare and didn't need to rob a bank now.

They got a cab and arrived at his uncle Daniel's home and he quickly let them inside. He and Lauren were given some pizza and his cousin Scott started asking questions about what had happened to them since they've been on the run. Andy told him that he had destroyed some Sentinel Service robots which Scott thought was cool. When talk turned to the Mutant Underground, his uncle told them that they should go off and rest in Scott's room.


Andy getting upset after seeing the pictures of their ruined house

He and Scott were playing video games and his cousin told him that he would call him Destructo, which Andy thought was lame. After they finished a game, Scott then went to pull out a trophy and asked if Andy could show him his power. Andy told him that he just couldn't use it out of nowhere but Lauren told him that he shouldn't be using it at all and for Scott not to encourage him. Andy told her to go back to cyber stalking her boyfriend Jack but she then gasped. Andy asked what was wrong but she tried to play it off as nothing. He persisted and Lauren showed him an online photo of their house that had been tagged by a schoolmate named Lucas, who Andy had been going to school with for years. Lauren told him to forget about it as they were just stupid kids but Andy started getting angry. His power started to emerge and when Lauren yelled at him, he quickly unleashed it on the trophy, splitting it in half. When the commotion drew their mother, Lauren just played it off as Andy and Scott goofing around with each other. Andy asked if their uncle was going to help them and she told them that they'll see.

The next morning, Thunderbird and Eclipse had come to the house after tracking them down. The house was also surrounded by armed neighbors who were demanding that the Struckers come out. Daniel accused Thunderbird and Eclipse of bringing them but Scott quickly confessed that he had tweeted a picture of the trophy Andy destroyed to a friend. Thunderbird told them that they were surrounded but Andy didn't see a problem because he was sure they could handle them all even if they had guns. Thunderbird told him that they could handle them but someone would end up getting killed but Andy felt that perhaps then the people would know better than to bother them. His mother told him not to think that way but he told her to listen to the hateful things the people were saying outside.


Andy confronts the mob and demands they leave them all alone

Andy then watched as his uncle went out to try and calm them but they quickly knocked him to the side and started to advance for the house. Andy then unleashed his power to destroy the front door and force the mob back. He yelled for them to leave them alone. When one was getting ready to shoot him, Eclipse moved in to heat his gun and force him to drop it. They all then started to head for the Underground's car and sped off with the mob going after them. Dreamer and Blink intercepted them and helped to create a portal to take them to the headquarters and escape their pursuers.

In Exit Strategy, Andy, along with Lauren and Caitlin, are present at the meeting led by Thunderbird on how to rescue Reed and Lorna.

Personality Edit

Before discovering he was a mutant, Andy was a typical teenager. He loved playing video games with his cousin and doing youthful activities. Due to a history of bullying, Andy is withdrawn and sullen, though he has exhibited a sarcastic sense of humor, seen when he responded to his sister assertion that 'Mutie' was offensive with "Genetically different person", and later, when he told his sister not to get pregnant when she was merely dancing with her boyfriend. Beyond this, Andy has shown to have a bit of a rebellious streak, proven when he told his mother he was going to bed and then slipped out to a dance with Lauren.

Andy is also very protective of his family, willing to risk everything to protect them. He nearly lost control of his powers when Agent Turner and Agent Weeks of the Sentinel Services pushed his mother to the ground. Further proof of Andy's will to protect his family was demonstrated when he destroyed the Sentinels chasing them throughout an abandoned warehouse. When it comes to his sister, he has a 'no one messes with her but me' attitude.

Now that he is on the run, Andy has started displaying a great degree of sarcasm with how to handle situations as well as a fiery and heated temper when they run into people that don't hide their hate of mutants. He has stated that it feels good when he uses his power to rip stuff apart and will use his power to intimidate anyone who gets on his bad side.

Physical Appearance Edit

Andy is a tall and slim teenager, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a light complexion. His slim build makes him an easy target for bullies.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Destructive Telekinetic Field:[2] The opposite of his sister, Andy has the power to push particles and matter apart from each other. He can do it on a physical level such as push people and objects away from him such as when he threw armed SWAT officers away from him as well as Chloe Tan back against some bars. He can also achieve this on molecular level and end up ripping things apart and tearing them to pieces such as metal parking meters and walls. Further proof of this ability was demonstrated when he tore apart Sentinels with ease and nearly brought down a school gymnasium. Currently, the focus of the things he can destroy isn't precise and is done in a radius-like field. This is a destructive and chaotic power in its own right, but when fueled by his emotions, it is a force to be reckoned with.
  • The Fenris Force: A powerful force of incredible strength. If Lauren and Andy hold hands, they are capable of producing and incredibly strong and destructive blast of light. According to Lauren and Andy themselves, they become a single collective entity. They feel everything around them, especially when inside buildings. They combine Andy's power to push things apart and Lauren's power to pull them together and produce a force they describe as being able “to do anything [they] want.” Whatever they feel, they can destroy. They were able to unleash enough energy to create a large dent in a room made of the supposedly indestructible metal adamantium

Appearances Edit

Season 1
Episode Status
eXposed Appears
rX Appears
eXodus Appears
eXit Strategy Appears
boXed in Appears
got your siX Appears
eXtreme measures Appears
threat of eXtinction Appears
outfoX Appears
eXploited Appears
To Be Announced N/A
To Be Announced N/A
X-roads N/A

Trivia Edit

  • His blood type is O-.

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References Edit

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  2. 'The Gifted' Boss Breaks Down Those Premiere Reveals (and Cameos)

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