It's a pity, I quite liked this place.
— Andreas to Andrea before unleashing their power.

Andreas Von Strucker is a minor character on FOX's The Gifted. Together with his sister Andrea, was a mutant terrorist known as Fenris (the Wolf). He is the father of Otto Strucker.

Early lifeEdit

Andreas and his twin sister Andrea went on to join a shadow organization called the Hellfire Club. Using their powers, they went on to commit dozens of terrorist attacks which killed many innocent people. One of these was the "Plac Zamkowy Incident" in Warsaw, which left 238 dead, and over 400 injured.[1]

In 1952, Andreas and Andrea were hiding out in London while on the run. While writing a letter confirming that he and his sister were safe, Andreas received a mysterious call before informing Andrea that their location was discovered by the authorities. Holding hands, Andreas and Andrea combine their powers to create a destructive energy blast against their pursuers [2].

In 1962, Andreas and Andrea were once again involved in a terrorist attack that occurred in Rio de Janeiro. He also fathered a son named Otto at some point, who was born a mutant as well. Andreas and Andrea attempted to raise Otto into being a terrorist like themselves, but he ran away, vowing to never use his abilities to cause harm.

Over time, he and his sister went into hiding, disappeared to flee from the X-Men.

Season 1Edit

In threat of eXtinction, Andreas and Andrea were mentioned by Otto when his son Reed Strucker came looking for information relating to Trask Industries. Otto revealed that Reed's children, Lauren and Andy, inherited their powers from Andreas and Andrea.


Andreas was a psychotic and homicidal man that found amusement and glee in massacring people. He never hesitated using his powers to destroy anything or anyone that he saw fit. He seemed to have a softness in his heart for his sister though it might've been because he was at his most powerful with her. However, he didn't seem to have too much care for his son outside being a weapon and continuing his terrifying legacy.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Andreas was a light-skinned man with blond hair, blue eyes, and a slim build.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Andreas has unspecified mutant abilities that one of his great-grandchildren inherited. Whilst he is powerful on his own, Andreas can combine his power with that of Andrea to generate powerful energy blasts that are destructive in nature.


Season 1 Edit


  • In the comics, Andreas and his sister were the children of Hydra member Wolfgang von Strucker, who appeared in the mid-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and made his proper debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • In the comics, Andreas and Andrea have an incestuous relationship, however, it does not seem to appear in the TV show, suggesting an adaption in comic history to make the backstory more family friendly.
  • In the comics, Andreas and Andrea's powers only work when they're in contact, however, the show has adapted this so their powers work individually (like Andy and Lauren's) and that they can combine their abilities, holding touches of the source material.
  • In the comics, the twins' DNA is altered in utero to contain the X Gene by Wolfgang von Strucker, so the twins would hold mutations, however, it appears that the twins may have inherited their mutations within the TV show.
  • A newspaper clip from 1952 states that Andreas and his sister are of European descent, but it does not clarify whether they are German like their comic counterparts [2].
  • Despite failing to mold his mutant son Otto, into a terrorist like him and his sister, their legacy would ironically inspire their mutant descendant Andy Strucker to somewhat follow in their footsteps and join the Hellfire Club in the 21st century.




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