7/15 was an event that occurred on July 15th in Dallas, Texas, four years prior to the beginning of the series. It marked the day a mutant rights march turned into a riot which resulted thousands of civilians' death by mutant powers, causing the public to view mutants as a threat to their safety.


7/15 started as a peaceful protest for mutant rights. Gunshots were heard off-screen and flashing lights (implying mutants using their powers for either self-defense or offensive purposes) were seen behind the trees.

Jace Turner, his wife Paula, and their daughter Grace were having a picnic at a park when 7/15 unfolded. Though Jace and Paula survived an energy blast launched from across the trees, Grace was killed by it. Her death was what motivated Jace to join Sentinel Services, in the hopes of preventing future mutant-related incidents [1].


  • 7/15 is based on the real world September 11 attacks, commonly referred to as "9/11".
  • According to showrunner Matt Nix, 7/15 is tied to the disappearance of the X-Men and the Brotherhood [2].


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